Wes Dean – “Movin’ On”

Born and raised in Virginia, USA, Wes Dean has been a life-long musician, beginning with piano lessons at age 6, and playing trumpet, flugelhorn, and French horn in his high-school band. Since his college days, he has played guitar, acoustic first and then electric for the last 9 years, but only for pleasure inside his own house. Earlier this year, Wes wrote his first release, “Movin’ On” – a song about life, and living life without fear. This led him to Cue Recording, where he sang the vocals and played guitar. Talented studio artists Buddy Sheir added some more guitar, while Tyler Schafer laid down the drums, and Holly Montgomery took care of the bass.

Currently working on another 8 songs for future release, the single “Movin’ On”, sets Wes Dean’s recording career in motion. “Movin’ On” is a strong piece of work that harkens back to the way people used to go into the studio: without months of planning, preconceptions, or complete pretentious overthinking, only meant to ruin the spontaneous creativity of a rock record. “Movin’ On” sounds like it was made the old way – rent some time, play the song, and make the track, and the players, shine in the best possible way.

In fact, “Movin’ On” features some terrific guitar work, some solid drumming, as well as haunting vocals and wonderful lyric lines, to uplift and inspire. As can be expected, the track sounds way better on a stereo than a laptop, as it should.

“Movin’ On” transcends fidelity by framing itself in driving blues-based rock patterns. The second and third time around, it gets a little rawer, a little deeper, and starts to dig at the soul. Wes Dean has that uncanny ability in his songwriting and performance style.

“Movin’ On” is all about punching holes in feelings of fear and resignation when faced with struggles and strife. It’s a kind grinding rock n’ roller. The riff is abrasive and sticky sweet, while Wes’ lead vocal is assured.

Wes Dean is doing what a lot of his peers need to be doing — shaking it wild without remorse, as he wistfully turns a hardship into an opportunity: “Gotta keep on movin’.  Keep on movin’. Movin’ on.” It’s easy to recognize that the studio band carries on like a well-oiled mechanism behind Wes’ performance.

“Movin’ On” is at once accessible, surprisingly catchy, and worthy of a place on the mantel. Moreover Wes Dean doesn’t bother with modern sounds or worry himself with appearing fresh and cutting-edge, instead he hones in on the famous classic American Rock style, and adds a heavy touch of rusty and fiery electric blues guitar licks to the mix.

For Wes Dean, it’s exactly the right record at exactly the right time. He’s thoroughly content to make the music he wants to make, with the songs that are closest to his heart. Such as “Movin’ On.

For rock fans, Wes Dean’s performance on “Movin’ On” will be a natural knockout – cocksure grooves, resonant vocals, crunchy and jangling guitars, and no style-over-substance fuss. And best of all, after one listen, the tune will remain in your head.


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