Vyblektro – “Leave Tonight”

Vyblektro – an emerging artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer originating from Sydney, Australia – quickly put me under his spell of smooth, but hard-hitting beats, soaring melodies and sonic experimentation. The man is truly gifted in his ability to compose unique, fluid, and complete tracks that could fit any listening format effortlessly. We recently got a taste of his brand-new upcoming single “Leave Tonight”, set for official release on 27/08/2021. And what a massive track this is.

Opening with an incredible piano driven atmospheric intro that sets the tone for the rest of the record, the dazzling swooshing keys soon cascade into a dark, ominous mood, supported by ethereal, airy female vocals, until a thick beat rises and builds into a pounding mid-tempo rhythm. It has both a late night club feel, as well as a mainstream appeal.

This is one of the best Vyblektro tracks I’ve heard in a while, for sure. A female voice takes the vocal reign on this one, and again provides a stunning performance, like many of the vocal cuts on his records. Vyblektro usually chooses his collaborators carefully, but every one of them live up to the task and make fantastic additions to his productions. I’m not sure whether this particular voice is a sample based, or real live singer – either way the vocal melody makes a great impression.

“Leave Tonight” is a banger of a track with those massive drums and shimmering keys creating an electronica infused cracker. The twinkling yet emotional piano progression builds into an atmospheric, ethereal symphony, which is one to remember, full of heart and emotion.

In an era where EDM stardom can be as close as clever aliases, big-name features, and management trickery, Vyblektro has continually avoided the gimmicks and concentrated on a production palette that electronic music lovers crave. Vyblektro is a master of his dialect, and his well-crafted musical bliss reflects the state and times of the genre, which he takes a few notches higher.

Vyblektro’s exploration of smooth resonating sounds and his in the pocket grooves suggests far more curiosity and ambition than many of his contemporaries. There are many moments when Vyblektro’s melodic and thoughtful production is in perfect harmony with what happens on the radio charts, showcasing his pop sensibilities. The maturation of Vyblektro’s sound is a delight to behold, and the musicianship he showcases stretches the EDM script.

It’s worth picking this record up. It’s assertive in developing Vyblektro as a stylistically independent artist and more sure-footed than some of his peers. “Leave Tonight” also has a pretty high replay value, as with further listens, more nuanced touches are revealed. Vyblektro flexes his muscles here, and it provides a heart-pounding tune, as well as another giant leap forward for him.


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