TriSonic Soma – “Midnight Fog”

Steve Gusky on guitars and vocals, Carl Bianchini on bass and Mario Bianchini on drums form the newly launched rock band TriSonic Soma, from Greater Philadelphia area. Their first official release, the self-titled 3 track EP, was mastered by hard rock producer Ulrich Wild. Of course, anybody who grew up on great rock music like myself, will expect jaw-dropping grit, soaring vocals, and instrumental prowess, and if that’s what you’re into, you won’t be disappointed. But the really great thing about the EP is that it isn’t one-dimensional, and the hard-driving rock and top-tier musicianship has plenty of really inspiring melodies and interesting guitar interludes and authentic rawness. In my opinion that’s what really sets this one apart from the rest of the modern rock recordings.

It takes a special sort of musician who can traverse an age-old genre like hard rock and still make it work in 2021. While savagely hard-hitting and awe-inspiring, the songs have a down-home, no-nonsense bread-and-butter feel that grounds and drives the EP. If I had to describe what each bring to the table: Steve Gusky – soul and grit. Carl Bianchini – sophistication and vibe. Mario Bianchini – muscle and momentum. They all shine on this EP.

The EP “TriSonic Soma” is definitely not only for die-hard riff-junkies and thrill seekers; it’s accessible and enjoyable by a wide range of people. The more I’ve listened to the EP the more I’ve appreciated it.

“Back At It Tonight” is a killer opener with a great high-flying chorus and power-packed grungy guitar motifs. There is a mesmerizing melody in the song, instrumental chops, and that special something that says this is a great song, and you have to listen to it all.

On “Midnight Fog”, Gusky’s rugged and strong vocals go bluesy, his powerful and nimble guitar work meshing perfectly with the strong pull of Carlo’s bass, and Mario’s masterful drums. Here they heat things up with some old-school hard-rocking riffs, and some seriously swinging bass lines – it’s a track with a lot of swagger and a seductively loose and jamming feel. It’s majestic, intricate, and grandiose in a way that few 3-piece bands could pull off as successfully.

“Laurel” starts sparsely, dominated by an acoustic guitar before blooming into a fleshed-out, almost prog-rock arrangement. It recycles this formula throughout the song in the most beautiful and impactful way. The vocals explode into rich layered harmonies, the guitars bleed and scream, while the rhythm section keeps everything grounded in smooth lusciousness and inspiring music.

TriSonic Soma show their mastery in every tune here, with the band flexing their musical power as soon as the moment calls for it. One of the most striking features of this EP is how each band member’s skill and personality is allowed to shine through so strongly, resulting in a unique and often mesmerizing sound, without ever overplaying. I’m hoping TriSonic Soma is in it for the long haul, because I want to hear a lot more from them in the future.


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