Tough On Fridays – “Let Down”

The project, Tough On Fridays, is led by two friends since elementary school – Katie (Vocals, Bass, Guitars) and Caleigh (Vocals, Guitars).  Both discovered their passion for music early on in life, with Katie learning guitar at five years-old and Caleigh at seven. The pair have collaborated from the very first moment they could. Their personalized Pop/Punk style, which has been refined through the years, has resulted in them playing major festivals like the Texas Indie Fest, and working with impressive names in the industry, such as Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, The Cure, U2), Sam Pura (Story So Far, Basement, State Champs) and Beau Burchell (Moose Blood, 888, Saosin).

The Georgetown, Texas-based duo officially burst onto the scene in 2017 and have been gaining momentum ever since.

Tough On Fridays have a brand new single out, entitled “Let Down”. This is easily one of the best of dozen of Pop/Punk that have landed on my desk over the last year. The female fronting pair of Tough On Fridays supply great tunes. It is a blend of melodic, hooky, and infectious alt-pop packages, drenched with incisive lyrics that focus on the joys and the agonies of modern life.

“Let Down” is a thick, driving arrangement that is mellifluously grinding and comfortingly aggressive. It swallows you up in the up-tempo mood of its arrangement from start to finish. Now if you’re an old punk fan, you can stay in the past all you want but Tough On Fridays bring those components forward to make this song one of their most engaging records.

The vocals lays itself bare in a most intimate manner, drawing you in and daring you to gaze upon the song’s naked, beating heart. The guitars slam, the drums pound, the bass pulses – you should listen to this at maximum volume if you want to savor it as it was meant to be served – hot and live.

The band is tight, the guitar is raw yet clean, the hooks, the lyrics; Tough On Fridays have it all. The track is a perfect example of pop-punk, marrying the catchy melodies of the former with the unrestrained energy of the latter. Mixed and co-produced by 3 time Grammy Winner, Tre Nagella, the song is well thought out and represents a windows-down type of alt-rock and pop vibe that could sit perfectly on any mainstream chart.

If you like your guitars crunchy and your lyrics completely sincere then step right up, because that is exactly what Tough On Fridays deliver on their newest single. The band has created and assembled a track which is of the highest quality and whilst it is brimming with power, it also has an infectious melody which is both memorable and distinctive.

It takes “Let Down” less than one second to roar into being, and will have you singing and humming to the melody as Tough On Fridays deliver their fluid vocals and raw guitar sound. This is music that you want to hear being played loud down at the beach in the soaring heat, or just at volume 11 in your car. It just doesn’t get any better.


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