Tony Marino – “Moody”

Tony Marino was born and raised in South Philly. He began playing the piano professionally at the age of 15 and writing, composing & recording original Latin Jazz compositions since the early ’90s.  Over the years, Tony has moved many times, living on the east coast, in the midwest, as well as the west coast. In each of these areas, Tony both studied and jammed with some well known and talented musicians. To date, Tony has released 9 cds of original songs using various Latin styles of music: samba, bossa nova, frevo, tango, montuno, bolero, bebop, swing, and calypso.

In 1997, “Tony Marino & Havana Heat: The Latin Jazz Project” was released and debuted original jazz compositions using a variety of Latin styles. In 1999, Tony wrote, composed and recorded all of the instruments used, himself, literally recording the cd “Note for Note” and hence the name! “Samba De Say Party”, followed in 2001, and was said to be “adventurous and exploratory in combining the elements of Brazilian jazz with those of bolero, swing, tango, funk, and others” by Heidi Drockelman at Indie-Music.

“Broad Street” (2003), paid tribute to his “Philadelphia roots”. Tony’s fifth cd came in 2004, cleverly named “5” and is an assortment of Jazz… Smooth, Modern, Odd Time, Bossa Nova, Waltz, BeBop, Ballad, Samba, Organ Trio, and Blues. “5” has something for everyone! Tony followed “5” with, “It’s Not That Complicated” (2006) and the last song on the cd, “I Have To Go” has you wishing that that just weren’t true.

After several years in hiatus, Tony reemerged in 2016 with “101”. The songs on “101” were written and dedicated to friends, family, and mentors that have touched Tony’s life over the years. In 2017, “A Sound Inve$tment” was released and received with great reviews.

On January 12th, 2018 Tony’s newest cd, “Thank You for the Music” will be released. All songs on this cd are written by Tony and dedicated to some of his music idols and inspirations – Astor Pizzolla, James Moody, Dizzy Gillespie, Jaoa Donato, Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk.


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