Thommy Silence – ‘Instrumentalia I / The American Horse Pirate’

Thommy Silence has recently released a brand new studio single titled Instrumentalia I / The American Horse Pirate. Right off the bat, music fans will immediately recognize the artist’s fondness for classic Spaghetti Western sounds. The twangy guitars, lush reverb tones and single-note riffs immediately bring composers like Ennio Morricone to mind, while the drum beat provides a left-field contrast, going for a very upbeat, almost dance-friendly vibe. In addition to that, there are some swelling synth sounds in the background, bringing more depth and ambiance to the sound.

What really stands out about this song is the combination of old and new sounds. On one hand, the guitar and arrangement might take you back to the 60s – Not only Morricone’s scores, but also those unique surf sounds made popular back in the day by artists like The Ventures, The Shadows, or Johnny & Santo. On the other hand, the addition of a modern drum beat and some synthesizer tones

Find out more about Thommy Silence, and check out Instrumentalia I / The American Horse Pirate. This release is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital streaming services.

Bio: Thommy Silence is an artist, music producer and audio engineer who also creates mixed media artworks and performances. He undertook several finally failed attempts to fit in a bourgeois normed German life. After university-entrance diploma, skilled manual work, technical studies, law school and initiated dissertation, the advertised personal and intellectual freedom did not adjust as hoped.

As an always admired Professor told him one day: “I also wanted to be free, but in fact we are all working in a factory until we are 60, then we are more or less well paid dying very slowly…” Thommy decided to break out of the industrially standardized life and to strive for mentally free musical activity. Based on Publius Cornelius Tacitus, his posy is: ‘If silence is the honor of the slaves, speech is the duty of the free.’


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