The Parents – “Falling Star”

On the single “Falling Star”, you’ll hear a band that sounds like a group of energy-filled and enthusiastic teens who have discovered their parents’ rock record collection and are experiencing a youthful drive to pick up guitars, bass, and drums, and play the heck out of them. Instead, they are not growing teens, but actually, The Parents – in every sense of the word. Dimitris Nikolopoulos (guitars and vocals), Kyriakos Papadodimas (bass) and Eva Pantazi (drums), form a rock band based in Athens, Greece…and indeed they are all parents. Music for them is primarily fun, and an escape from everyday life. They started playing covers together, 3 years ago, and have been writing original songs for about a year now. “Falling Star” is their first single, while they have a 4-song EP lined for July.

“Falling Star” is full-throttle garage rock track. One with hooks, riffs, and a driving rhythm that would ideally make a whole new generation want to start a rock n’ roll band. It is an irresistible tune which suggests that beyond making a confident statement, asserting themselves as solid newcomers to the contemporary garage rock scene, they are simply having more adrenaline-pumping fun than just about any other parent in 2021.

“Falling Star” is a tight slab of rock precision. It is the work of a band that knows a few things about rock ‘n’ roll stripped of pretense. This is a direct tune that stomps and grinds, all while having a familiar feel.

“Falling Star” is the sound of a band that exudes confidence, notwithstanding the fact that this is their debut single. They know that when the three of them play together, something magical happens. They fill the air with buzzing guitars, pounding drums, and rolling basslines.

This kind of authentic, no frills rock, has a certain sound to it, that you can’t necessarily describe, but you can feel it. It makes you play air guitar, nod your head and tap your foot. “Falling Star” does all of those things.

It is a compressed cluster of electric euphoria that is ready to burst at the seams at any moment. The Parents’ sound stems from two things: the unique dynamic created by Dimitris, Kyriakos, and Eva in a room together and the enthusiastic efforts they put into getting down and dirty.

The opening lines of “Falling Star” cleverly lay the basis for the narrative: “There was a boy the son of Sun, who needed proof of father’s love. He asked his father for his steeds, he was indeed a man of deeds.”

Drawn from Greek mythology, the song deals with the myth of Phaethon, who demanded to lead the Sun chariot, despite his father’s objections. The boy lost control and sowed destruction. Zeus interrupted his course with his thunder and killed him to save the universe.

Today that story reads like a metaphor for the travesties of climate change, due to the behavior of humankind. In fine voice throughout, Dimitris Nikolopoulos rules the song with a wonderfully resonating vocal delivery. His style lets each phrase carry a meaning beyond its poetic weight.

Ultimately however, each of the band members allow The Parents to access their best qualities – from the interlocking guitar and bass, to the irresistible momentum of the drums.


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