The Fabled Fallen – “Hurricane”

The Fabled Fallen is a Fusion Genre band crafting their art inside the Metal, Swing, Punk Rock, and alternative genres. The band came together a little over a year ago as a group of friends that just wanted to make music and have an outlet to release themselves from their daily struggles. Though the members of the band live in different countries, as well as work and have lives outside of the project, they are intent on creating a core following that will allow them to come together physically and begin doing live shows to big audiences.

The Fabled Fallen who handle both original and cover songs, are currently preparing their 6 track EP set to release later this year. In the meantime they have dropped their second single, entitled “Hurricane”. Where to start? The song, to my ears, has all the makings of an epic movie soundtrack.

It’s got all the hallmarks – the dramatic string flourishes, overwrought lyrics building to a full throat howl, pensive sections with a pseudo-military beat, slow builds to raging crescendos after which it fades down and then rebuilds into a soaring chorus and fades out with a choir type outro. This is truly atmospheric and epic rock stuff. And it works!

It’s actually hard to conceive that these guys never physically play together, because they produce music that sounds ensemble-like, real, organic and quite awe-inspiring in places. The Fabled Fallen really strike me as a group that takes a lot of chances, pushing the envelope with vocal range and musical styles, classical influences, and orchestral flourishes, and this track I think showcases them at their full potential. Furthermore “Hurricane” shows that the band can impress without overdressing things.

The Fabled Fallen comes across as a complex group, progressive, even avant-garde in a sense, but always accessible in their sound that will appeal to the masses of sensible music lovers who enjoy more than just a hook in a pop song.

The overdubs, the multi-layering, the vocal prowess, the classical technique meets rock, are all elements in the band’s music that makes it intelligible and captivating. There is, however, a stark ‘darkness and light’ theme running through the “Hurricane” that intrigues me, as The Fabled Fallen arranges their orchestrations with precision and purpose.

The notion is that these guys have put as much heart, soul, virtuosity and intelligence into their work as is humanly possible in their current performing and recording conditions. And my overall feeling is that if this band is supported enough to allow them to physically come together in one room and combine their talents, the electricity of that experience may produce masterworks that go well beyond the excellence they have already produced with the singles “Gravity” and “Hurricane”.


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