The Blue Danes – “Beautiful and Sad”

Formed during the breakup of the band Toast, ex-bassist Shaun Courbat and ex-guitarist Frank Hansen partnered with veteran drummer Skip Lowe to form the Iowa Based band The Blue Danes. The Blue Danes has released their debut album “Invisible and Untouchable”. The Danes combine element of Brit Pop, Americana, Indie-Rock, Alt-Country and Symphony to create complex soundscapes of memorable melody and groove.

Produced by Grammy Nominated Producer and Engineer Tom Tatman (Stone Sour), The Blue Danes sound has been compared to the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen and the Velvet Underground. Hansens haunting high baritone voice is surrounded by a lush mix of pop melodies, head bob grooves and driving rhythms. Lyrically, Hansen uses what he calls “Midwestern Weltschmerz” and “Unconscious Babbling” to craft messages of longing, fantasy and existential angst.

The Blue Danes is on radio rotation with “Beautiful and Sad”.



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