The Antenna Tribe – “So Lost” ft. Okafuwa

The Antenna Tribe is musician, producer Sean Whalen, who  collaborates with accomplished singer-songwriters from all over the globe. The result is lush, evocative soundscapes scoring meditative moods and gorgeous, layered songs. His latest single, “So Lost” represents the debut track from the collaboration between Sean and artist, Okafuwa. The song blends the atmospheric and calming qualities of ambient music with the laid-back and relaxed soulful atmosphere of chill and downtempo music, as well as the intoxicating melody of dream pop. Regardless of diversity in influences, “So Lost” stays grounded because of The Antenna Tribe’s uncanny ability to consistently form immersive and sophisticated arrangements, which brand songs his very own.

The Antenna Tribe’s production mastery is particularly exemplary on “So Lost” ft. Okafuwa. Low-key production notwithstanding, The Antenna Tribe sets this single apart from other contemporary artists in the genre by seamlessly combining electronica with vivid human qualities through the instrumentation, and the sublime vocals from the gifted Okafuwa. His fusion of organic and inorganic emits a captivating soundscape.

Electronic music is a diverse and dynamic genre that can evoke a variety of emotions and moods. Some electronic music may be cold and mechanical, while others may be warm and emotional. The Antenna Tribe’s approach to his productions has a powerful impact on the mood and atmosphere of his music, and can deeply affect the emotional state of the listener. This is laid bare all throughout “So Lost” ft. Okafuwa. It helps that the singer’s voice and the melody is also deeply affecting.

The tantalizing warmth that “So Lost” ft. Okafuwa exudes is intoxicating as its waves of sound engulfs the senses. The Antenna Tribe’s uses a limited number of instruments in this track; the main constant is by far the reverberating vocals and harmonies that sticks with you.

This type of minimal linear movement throughout the track is constant. The greatest asset that sticks with all “So Lost” ft. Okafuwa is the amount of prowess The Antenna Tribe uses for creating the atmosphere of this recording.

The Antenna Tribe’s output is always good cerebral music, first and foremost. Then like any thoughtful producer, he wants to bring out the best in the artists he works with, which is exactly what happens on “So Lost” ft. Okafuwa.

Hence the combination of The Antenna Tribe’s considerate production and Okafuwa’s mellifluous vocal performance brings out the best in both of them. Throughout his catalog, the producer has experimented with every style of singer imaginable, and the results have always been superlative.

The major constants of The Antenna Tribe’s work have been his intricate arrangements, his uncanny skill at recreating any mood or vibe he attempts with impeccable precision, and his gift for matching catchy hooks and impressive melodies to his musical compositions. A

s enticingly brilliant as “So Lost” ft. Okafuwa is, it only scratches the surface of just how much fantastic music The Antenna Tribe has been responsible for. That said, this is as good a place as any other to make an impacting acquaintance with his creativity.

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