The Antenna Tribe – ‘Seconds’ ft. Silke

The Antenna Tribe has always been eclectic, luscious and powerful – and the single “Seconds” (ft. Silke) does not shy away from any of those elements. On the contrary, it fortifies them. The project once again make its mark on a sprawling, atmospheric soundscape, and poignantly commanding vocals, with recognizably pristine production guaranteed along the way. Silke’s euphonic, ascendant melody gestures toward otherworldly grandeur, while the drifting keys and dynamic percussion persuasively pushes it towards scaling those heights.

Listening to The Antenna Tribe’s music is an immersive experience. It can transport you to remote spaces. The inherent lusciousness of the multi-layered production envelope you like silk sheets.

The project consists of a Los Angeles based, multi-instrumentalist producer and songwriter, who works with a selection of internationally based female and male singer-songwriters. The Antenna Tribe master the art of painting eloquent landscapes and moods better than most electronic acts.

Together The Antenna Tribe form an imaginative and resourceful project capable of creating some beautiful music. The project’s ambitions mean that it is not just merely making electronic music but creating electronic art.

It’s always thrilling to witness artists expand on their sounds and stretch their talents. It’s something The Antenna Tribe achieves on every release, and “Seconds” (ft. Silke) is no different, with it’s immaculate, blissful, and crystal clear sound.

“Seconds” (ft. Silke) elevates the conversation, while the music does not collapse under the weight of The Antenna Tribe’s artistic ambitions. It in fact presents itself as one of the project’s craftiest and most absorbing songs. The arrangement is powerfully hued with The Antenna Tribe creating a captivating mood and intoxicating tones through prodigious use of studio instrumentation.

Silke’s appealing voice is a perfect match for The Antenna Tribe’s sounds. She indulges in eloquent bursts of Björk-styled vocal phrasing, which adds an extra layer of sonic dynamics to the recording. It’s both soothing, yet forcefully vibrant, and greatly benefits the extravagant aural spectacle of “Seconds”, where the vast creativity and focus of this project are impressive.

As with all The Antenna Tribe releases there is always a lot more detail than first meets the ears. So whatever lyrical philosophies The Antenna Tribe has us contemplating, always remember to delve deeper into the music, where you will find reams of sonic profundity. The impact on our ears is gloriously soothing with glistening keys, liquid basslines and skittering percussion.

The sonic universe The Antenna Tribe has created on “Seconds” (ft. Silke), firmly entrenches what the project is known for, which is producing impeccable, emotional, mood-altering electronic music.

The Antenna Tribe has a sense of class and artistry in their work that you will be hard-pressed to find in others within their field of competence. The Antenna Tribe commitment to its art is passionate, sincere, and based on technical perfectionism. This latest single, by all accounts, is a flawless record.

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