The Antenna Tribe – “Plain Sight (Not The Same Song)” ft. Silke

One thing that refreshingly distinguishes the downtempo project The Antenna Tribe from its peers and contemporaries is that it never makes the same track back-to-back. The only things that are a given are the superb and sultry vocals, and the textured musical soundscapes that glisten with luxurious rhythms. For this particular new record, “Plain Sight (Not The Same Song)”, The Antenna Tribe worked with the exquisite singer Silke. With its buzzing bassline, warm keys and crackling percussion sounds against a steady, pulsating beat, this is a seductive track with a yearning sound, in the emotional sense.

Haunting, dreamy and elegant, the gorgeous-sounding “Plain Sight (Not The Same Song)” ft. Silke, is both gauzy and airy with a solid foundation beating at its core.  Beneath the glamorous and perfectionist sheen of the music, The Antenna Tribe’s lyrics are a combination of mysticism, introspection, and romantic yearning, a contrast to some of electronic music’s decadence and hedonism.

The majority of The Antenna Tribe’s songs are wrapped within an ambient sheen and sprawling downtempo atmospherics, one of the finest examples being the absorbing, multi-layered “Plain Sight (Not The Same Song)” ft. Silke. As is The Antenna Tribe trademark, this composition is an intricately constructed musical tapestry, replete with multiple sonic ingredients and vocal flourishes that coalesce for an incredibly enchanting affair.

“Plain Sight (Not The Same Song)” ft. Silke is a slow-burning earworm that will refuse to give up its residency and is a recording that immediately sets itself apart within The Antenna Tribe catalogue as one of the project’s standout recordings. Mesmerizing musical and vocal components allow the listener to feel completely absorbed in the experience of listening to a record like this, which keeps a wonderful ethereal rhythm throughout.

Though The Antenna Tribe has used this beautiful formula on previous releases, it’s qualities, mixed with the infectious melody, make “Plain Sight (Not The Same Song)” ft. Silke one of the most defining sonic gifts from this project.

It’s in the space between downtempo electro-stompers and blissful ambience where The Antenna Tribe sound at its most comfortable, sailing amongst celestial sonics and vocal beauty created from otherworldliness.

Silke’s vocals are velvety and poetic, yet retain a potent sense of urgency. Her beautiful voice shines with an echoing elegance, flawlessly shifting from verse to chorus, and seamlessly fitting with the emotional energy of the music that The Antenna Tribe designs around it. The Antenna Tribe mesmerizes and dazzles with a hypnotic electronic foundation that will melt your ears.

“Plain Sight (Not The Same Song)” ft. Silke creates a soundscape perfect for a transcendental experience. The Antenna Tribe gives equal attention to each intricate section within the song. It sounds as if no sonic detail was allowed into the mix, without being perfected during production. Whether it be poetic lyrics, intricate instrumentation, or painstaking production, this recording has moments of sheer understated brilliance.

If any song in its catalogue sums up the artistry of The Antenna Tribe, it is without a doubt, “Plain Sight (Not The Same Song)” ft. Silke.

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