The Love

Derek Lee Goodreid – “The Love”
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“The Love” is a fantastic album. Each song folds into the next and one is left with a complete listening experience. Musically, it is all here, twangy and gritty guitars, dusty and driving rhythms, as well as incredibly raw vocals, all come together to form a stunning recording. Over the course of his career, Derek Lee Goodreid has always been able to create meticulously detailed worlds for his songs to inhabit. It seems as though dirty guitar notes, and swampy...

Wednesday, 17 November 2021
Howling Light – “The Love”
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Howling Light who began in Oslo May 2016, say they’re Inspired by rockabilly, bluegrass, country and spaghetti western music, and fueled by moonshine, mountain air and motherlovin’ good times. The collective kick started their project with the songwriting of Australian Derek Lee Goodreid who joined forces with Norwegian players, lead guitarist and banjo player Torkel Ruud, and violinist Tor Sivert Gunnes, who were joined by Swedish drummer and slide guitarist Phil Perry Ohlsen and Polish bassist Andrzej Barszczyk. Howling Light...

Saturday, 11 February 2017