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Di Santos – “Tell Me”
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Di Santos is a musician composer who lives in Portugal, where his work is best known. He usually produces and creates his own material along with Eliana Silva. His music is played on radio stations throughout the world, and his song “Tell Me”, is part of the track-list of a new soap opera on CMTV. “Tell Me” kicks off thoughtfully, with a folk-pop sensibility, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a thumping drum.  Di Santos doesn’t need much production to...

Friday, 24 May 2019
Pip Souster – “Tell Me”
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Uniquely, Pip Souster’s claim to fame is not through his music alone but his concern about nature and animals in general. His musical themes are centered on the awareness and betterment of such, and can be distinctly heard in the track “Leave Our Nature Alone”. But Pip is also capable of kicking up a tongue in cheek jam, as he does on his latest single “Tell Me”. Dabbling in Country, Folk, Blues and good old rock n’ roll Pip and...

Sunday, 20 May 2018