Rick Shaffer

Rick Shaffer – “Like Fire” from the album “Broken Souls”
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Five decades into his career, guitarist, singer, and songwriter Rick Shaffer, is back with his tenth full-length album, entitled “Broken Souls”. Deemed as his most direct album to date, it was recorded partly in Holly Springs, Mississippi and Detroit, Michigan. Co-founder of the Philadelphia band, The Reds©, studio work for Rick Shaffer includes recording guitar tracks on a Marianne Faithfull album (Island); Hilly Kristal’s, “Mad Mordechai” (Stereo Society); Peter Murphy’s, “Holy Smoke” (Beggars Banquet/BMG); and Marc...

Thursday, 13 August 2020
Rick Shaffer – “Let Go” from the album “Creatures of Impulse”
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Every now and again an artist capable of not just capturing the spirit of a bygone era but portraying it with uncanny authenticity and accuracy arrives, and in an era where music lovers seem increasingly ravenous for the real thing, Rick Shaffer and his band are precisely that act. On the album “Creatures of Impulse”, Shaffer transports listeners to a land where rock meets the blues, with a dirty, impulsive sound that proves both raw and visceral. Insistent guitar riffs,...

Saturday, 15 December 2018