Pip Souster

Pip Souster – “This World”
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Pip Souster is one of those artist I thought I knew, but after hearing his album “Rest My Soul”, and really listening to it, I realized the man has a depth of talent that I had not really fully appreciated up until now. Pip is a remarkably talented song writer and has a deft touch with the guitar. No he is not a showy virtuoso guitar talent, but rather an ultra-cool, laid back English hipster or cowboy, whichever way you...

Saturday, 23 June 2018
Pip Souster – “Tell Me”
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Uniquely, Pip Souster’s claim to fame is not through his music alone but his concern about nature and animals in general. His musical themes are centered on the awareness and betterment of such, and can be distinctly heard in the track “Leave Our Nature Alone”. But Pip is also capable of kicking up a tongue in cheek jam, as he does on his latest single “Tell Me”. Dabbling in Country, Folk, Blues and good old rock n’ roll Pip and...

Sunday, 20 May 2018