Counting Stars (AMPAX 80er Analog Remix)

ALPHAMAY: “Counting Stars (AMPAX 80er Analog Remix)” from the album “Trans/Fusion”
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Cris Frickenschmidt and Henning Hammoor of ALPHAMAY are releasing a 12 track collective retrospective of the band’s history. The songs which have been edited and reworked by 12 remixers, were selected from the band’s 5 albums. Involved in the project are The Psychic Force, Schwarzschild, Ampax, Unplaces, Mangiac, Circured, Dorfschmidt / Gröhder, Gotteskälte, Suicide Tuesday, 0Kontrol and The Dark Movement. The result is more than 60 minutes of playing time containing many surprises. 2019 will also see ALPHAMAY performing live....

Wednesday, 05 December 2018