Suki Rae – “Shame, shame, shame”

For over three decades, Suki Rae has been captivating audiences across the globe with her exceptional talents as a flutist, singer, and songwriter. As an internationally renowned musician, she has garnered numerous accolades and distinctions for her exceptional artistry. In addition to her music career, Suki Rae has also made a name for herself in theater and film, having acted, written, and directed various productions. She has made appearances on both radio and television, further solidifying her status as a multifaceted artist.

Suki Rae’s impressive discography comprises various singles and 7 albums of original music, including “Can’t Stop Now,” which was released in 2021 and praised by critics. It showcased her prowess as both a composer and performer. Suki’s music has been featured in a documentary titled “Dig your soul on the streets,” where she appeared alongside the rock band OASIS.

Suki Rae’s upcoming single, “Shame, shame, shame,” is set to be released on March 10, 2023, and tackles the pressing issue of gun violence head-on. This song is a powerful and emotional commentary on the ongoing issue of gun violence in schools in America. The lyrics depict a nation that is torn apart by senseless acts of violence and a desperate plea for change. It runs on a throbbing beat, resonating pianos, vibrant bass and cello, as well Suki’s flute.

“Shame, shame, shame” begins with the heartbreaking imagery of angels weeping above, reflecting the sadness and anger felt by many in the aftermath of tragic events. The presence of the phrase “tears of fury, tears of love” emphasizes the conflicting emotions that arise when dealing with such devastating loss.

The following lines describe the all too familiar scene of families and schoolrooms being torn apart by gun violence. Suki Rae’s use of words such as “shattered dreams” and “broken hearts” effectively convey the immense pain and suffering caused by these tragic events.

The chorus is a direct call to action, with the lyrics condemning the National Rifle Association (NRA) for its role in perpetuating gun violence. Suki’s repetition of the phrase “shame, shame, shame on the US of A” is a powerful indictment of the country’s failure to address this ongoing issue. The inclusion of the rap verse by Miyamako adds a unique, edgy and gritty perspective to the song’s message.

The refrain emphasizes the importance of protecting our children and finding a sacred space to unite and save the human race. The use of “ooh ooh ooh” adds a sense of urgency and passion to the lyrics. The verse about bullies, loners, and troubled teens highlights the complex societal issues that contribute to gun violence. The imagery of “armor, ammo, AR15’s” juxtaposed with “our shell-shocked nation’s gone insane” drives home the disconnect between those who support gun rights and those who are directly affected by these tragedies.

The final lines of the song convey the widespread impact of mass shootings. “Peoples’ lives turned upside down” is a poignant reminder that these tragedies affect not only the victims but also their families, friends, and communities. The song ends on a somber note, with the depiction of a shell-shocked nation that is reeling from the effects of gun violence, emphasizing the immense impact that these events have on communities across America.

Overall, Suki Rae’s “Shame, shame, shame” is a poignant and timely commentary on the ongoing issue of gun violence in America. The song’s message is clear: it is time for action and change to prevent further loss of life. With her exceptional talent, dedication to her craft, and unwavering commitment to social issues, Suki Rae continues to be a shining light in the world of music and beyond. Moreover, it should also be noted that Suki is set to release a new CD featuring ten songs centered around the subject of love.

Twitter: @sukiatry
Soundcloud: Suki Rae

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