Suki Rae – ‘A Slice of Moon’, ‘I Will Wait for You’ & ‘Partners in Crime’

For more than three decades, Suki Rae has enraptured audiences worldwide with her extraordinary talents as a flutist, singer, and songwriter. This vivacious artist has become a household name in the underground music industry, receiving countless accolades and distinctions for her exceptional artistry. But over and above being a remarkable musician Suki Rae has also stretched her talents into the realms of theater and film, showcasing her versatility as an actress, writer, and director. Her multifaceted talents have graced both radio waves and television screens, solidifying her status as a true artistic powerhouse. Notably, Suki Rae’s music found its place in the limelight as it was featured in the captivating documentary “Dig your soul on the streets,” where she appeared alongside the legendary rock band, OASIS.

Suki Rae’s acclaimed discography spans the release of two singles and a collection of albums, and now she is on the brink of unveiling her ninth opus, “A Slice of Moon.” Prepare to be taken on an unparalleled sonic journey as this latest offering defies conventions, even within the context of Suki’s already exceptional career and catalog.

Brace yourself as the album shakes, rattles, and rolls with dynamic rhythms, in an electrifying juxtaposition of styles, accompanied by expansive, organic instrumentation. Suki’s artistry – whether she is playing her beloved flute, the keyboards, or lending her voice to any track – has the power to transport you to different aural realms. Suki’s artistic stylings oscillate seamlessly between being, folksy, bluesy, and jazzy, all while possessing an intense musical theatricality that leaves listeners spellbound.

The vocal interpretations across the album are nuanced and superb. Suki’s flute solos soar on “Come Fly Away With Me” and “Save Your Heart For Me.” Her flute playing is transcendent throughout this recording, infusing the songs with a rich tapestry of tones. Vivid narratives, eclectic instrumentation, and drawing on a multiplicity of genres – combine to create performances that knock this recording out of the park.

Suki Rae and the featured guest singers on “A Slice of Moon”, also cement themselves as most relatable narrators, with a keen ear for mellifluous melodrama. The superlative vocal performances throughout the album weave together a suit of impacting notes and exchanges that are deliciously enchanting to the ear. Furthermore, the immersive sonic elements woven into each track – eight of which also feature Suki on keyboards – transcend genre boundaries, making “A Slice of Moon” a record that is whimsical yet hardcore, all at once. Much of the musical magic on the album is also due to Suki Rae’s competent hands behind the production desk – yet another skill she manipulates rather deftly.

While the album’s essence is purposefully vibrant and colorful, Suki Rae’s songwriting also remains complex and elevated. Her ability, as both a songwriter and producer, to craft flawless and profound compositions, is at times awe-inspiring. On each song, it’s as if the cadence of the vocals take on a life of their own alongside the varied rhythms, while the musculature of the instrumentation, guided by Suki’s sagacious flute, occupies the vast sonic space with grandeur, yet a warm and focused intimacy.

From the infectious energy of “Partners In Crime” to the irresistible charm of “I Want You Back,” the enchanting invitation of “Come Fly Away With Me,” the soul-stirring resonance of “Catherine Street,” the heartfelt plea of “Save Your Heart,” the introspective journey of “Go Within,” the sheer bliss of “Just Because Of A Kiss,” where Suki trades the vocals with Kennan Keating, the sultry title track “A Slice Of Moon,” which features the singer Nora Forbes, the profound love story of “Baby You Came Along,” and the steadfast commitment expressed in “I Will Wait,” this album serves as a volcanic expression of Suki Rae’s heart, spirit, and soul.

Suki Rae’s artistry knows no bounds, and “A Slice of Moon” is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft. Prepare to be moved, uplifted, and inspired as you embark on this sonic adventure. Suki Rae’s music is more than just entertainment; it is an immersive experience that will penetrate your heart and soul.

“A Slice of Moon” is a record that defies categorization, capturing the essence of an artist who fearlessly embraces her uniqueness. Suki Rae has once again proven why she stands among the elite in the realm of authentic musicians, songwriters and performers.


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