Stefano Pesapane – “After All”

Drummer composer and producer Stefano Pesapane uses the studio like a weapon. He has pulled his sonority into a territory that is chill, sleek and crisp. It is also a testimony to his performance prowess. But in all its super-cleanliness and focused virtuosity, Stefano’s single, “After All” maintains a beating heart and living soul. His refined drumming, made up of the subtle nuances and poetic rhythms Stefano uses are so charismatic and charming from start to finish that one can’t help but pull a smile or two. His playing forms the foundation for the shimmering keys, jangling guitars and gentle gusts of brass that drive the song’s momentum.

At times the electric guitar fires up a series of incendiary motifs, which is countered by harmonic vocals and sprawling keyboards. Already, within the first few moments, the song begins to burst into bloom as a remarkably nuanced electro-jazz arrangement.

It languidly cruises along from begging to end, with expert craftsmanship and complexity, whilst never losing its innate intricacy and unexpected accessibility. Even those who are not accustomed to this sound will be sucked in by its charm.

Stefano Pesapane’s mesmerizing song construction grabs your full attention and pulls you helplessly into the song where the music flows like hot melting butter. The horns are superb and when the whole thing modulates up a step it engulfs you in a flood of endorphins.

The tune’s gorgeous progression is true blue to the rich heritage Stefano has taken his influences from. You’ll love how the composer lets the scintillating groove coast on, with just the right amount of lush instrumentation that don’t overburden the song with unnecessary embellishments.

While maintaining a high standard of song composition, arrangement, and musicianship, Stefano Pesapane allows the music in “After All” to unfold in a smooth and effortless way. All of which paints a vivid, relaxing aural picture. This sonic imagery just pops out and envelopes the listener.

As mentioned before, the production and playing on this record is remarkable, but always done with soul and in the service of the song. It’s the vibe created, and the composition of this song, that is at the heart of the music. The real treat is listening again and again, as “After All” sinks into your soul.

ABOUT:  Stefano Pesapane was born in Latina (Italy) in 1962; he began playing the drums at the age of 8 and began playing around in venues clubs and bars by the time he hit 16. He perfected his studies at St. Louis in Rome (1977-81) and at Berklee College Music, during the Umbria Jazz Summer School (1988).

Stefano spent two years playing around the Mediterranean Sea (Italy, Morocco, Greece) with the Nightworkers, while in 1987, he joined the Rocky Roberts orchestra and, later, became a session man for musicians such as Sonny Costanzo, Tony Scott and many others.

Since 1999 he has lived in the Netherlands, where he continues to play drums with various local bands, and produce his own unreleased EDM / jazz songs. In 2019 Stefano Pesapane released his first self-produced indie album, “Miles Away”, which took him directly to the top of the Reverbnation indie chart.

The album was followed by the singles “Dry Shift” and “While There Is Time”.  Since 2020 he is under contract to Bentley Records with which he released the singles “Neon Bends”, “Powered By The Sun”, “MamboTambo”, “Never Say Goodbye”, “Urban Flow” ,”Changes” and “After All”.


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