Soki Yue – “Fangs”

Currently based out of Denmark, Soki Yue is an independent singer-songwriter who does not pay much attention to the restrictions of genres and styles, and keeps her options as open as her creativity. She started making music back in 2016, and is constantly seeking to improve her craft. Her latest release is an indie-rock song, called “Fangs”. What makes this track so powerful is quite simple: Soki Yue means it with every fiber of her being. This element can be hard to find in music, but with this track, we get it right from the beginning. It is a song everyone can all relate to, but we also feel Soki Yue’s own experiences as an individual, as she affronts her childhood insecurities.

Big moments of despair happen in everyone’s life. Sometimes the hardest fights are against yourself. “Fangs” is almost like a hymn to perseverance. What Soki Yue does here on “Fangs” is what she does best; thoughtful and nuanced vocals meant to unfold honest and revelatory lyrics.

Its something she should cherish and continue to embrace as more records come from her. Soki Yue’s music depends on the interplay and tension between melodic and vocal accessibility, and what might be dubbed as indie-rock mystique.

The singer-songwriter embraces luscious airy vocal hooks, delivering them with a wistful and crystalline voice while reveling in confessional poetic declarations. In this way, Soki Yue crafts moments of profound intrigue.

Her voice is wrapped in echoing accents, the overall mix at once sublime and effectively captivating. Lyrically, the project affirms the songwriter’s knack for complex self-portraits. “Fangs” contains enough understated magic to be wholly infectious.

In its apparent simplicity, “Fangs” is an ambitious work by an immensely gifted artist who is just beginning to explore her music’s aesthetic possibilities. Despite crunchy jangling guitar and the chugging indie-rock rhythm, intimacy is the currency that the Denmark-based singer-songwriter spends freely throughout this song. Until she reaches the end where she decidedly lifts the tone.

Eschewing today’s confining parameters of what constitutes a song for the mainstream, with her unguarded personal storytelling and the rich emotive production, Soki Yue takes smart steps into crafting a memorable song.

She splendidly utilizes her vocals to create an otherworldly atmosphere. So while the instrumental is fantastic, Soki Yue vocals are the true pillars of “Fangs”. The singer-songwriter is establishing herself as an artist, and this single is her statement. In a world of disposable pop, that is an achievement.

Soki Yue has not created a song to be consumed and then discarded when the next big thing comes along. She wants you to listen to this record, to absorb it, to let it sink under your skin. The result is both evocative and haunting.

Soki Yue keeps true to her story-telling and beautiful lyricism shown on her previous single, but adds a rock sound into “Fangs”. Thus, it becomes her boldest and most compelling work to date, and it strikes a much deeper chord than one might initially expect. The possibilities for Soki Yue, now seem endless!


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