It’s Christmas time, but we all know you can only play so much Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey and traditional Christmas carols before you go completely mad. At least I do. Thankfully, there are plenty of rocking Christmas gems out there. Only thing is, they tend to fall under the mainstream radar, so you need to seek them out. The perfect holiday playlist shouldn’t all be focused mushy crooned ballads. You’ve got to make sure there’s some spirited tracks to give the season a livelier edge. One such song is, “Christmas Girl” by Snowie And The Reindeers, a project captained by Philip “Pip” Souster, an English singer songwriter, guitarist.

You could land on any song from Pip Souster’s catalog and be more than satisfied. Here with his Snowie And The Reindeers project, Souster has accomplished his goal of making a Christmas record that stands up to the timeless works of his peers, while applying his rich jangling guitar-driven arrangement to secular standards. The highlight, however, is Souster’s gritty soulful voice, which make the passion of his Christmas romance plea palpable.

“Christmas Girl” is sustained by a persistent guitar strum and a shuffling beat that keeps the momentum running smoothly while Snowie And The Reindeers rollout the romantic narrative and the joyful bounce of the season. It captures the modern spirit of Christmas. Big vocals and a muted organic groove make this holiday hit catchy and memorable.

The sound is a good mix between classic British pop rock and classic Christmas vibes, making it appealing to lovers of all music genres. Creating a hit song is never easy, but creating a Christmas hit may be even more difficult. Not only are you competing with other contemporary artists, but you’re also going head-to-head with classic carols that have had a head start of hundreds of years.

Despite this, many musicians like Snowie And The Reindeers take a swing at crafting memorable holiday music. And while the majority of efforts fall by the wayside, those such as “Christmas Girl” promise to catch on and inevitably crop up year after year, delivering festive cheer and a relatable sentimental story in the process. The track will add more meaning and energy to your Christmas party. It is a perfect three-minute plus narrative of expectation, love and joyful bliss.

Pip Souster’s distinctive and resonating vocals could easily melt any Christmas snow, while the song’s instrumental arrangement and the melody, is full of irrepressible warmth to fully back him up. Souster’s superb vocal performance radiates a sincerity that’s completely infectious. This Snowie And The Reindeers’ song could fit right into a secular catalog as it does into Christmas one, meaning “Christmas Girl” can comfortably transition between a number of sonic stylings with relative ease.

“Christmas Girl” is a jolly musical ride that is considerate, beautiful and delicate. It’s a Christmas love song dripping in an expertly crafted lyric sheet. Here Snowie And The Reindeers offer us the ultimate holiday sonic treat with a sweet sentimental touch, and a contemporary secular sheen.


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