Snakedoctors – “Why Don’t”

In a world where alternative rock often embraces the gritty, the unpolished, and the emotional, there’s a band that effortlessly captures the essence of the genre while injecting their own brand of raw, live-performance energy. Enter Snakedoctors, a four-piece powerhouse hailing from the enchanting city of Gdansk, Poland. Formed in May of 2020, these four friends have been on a relentless journey, weaving their sonic tapestry with twenty-four singles, four albums, and a handful of surprises. Their latest musical offering, “Waiting,” promises to ignite the airwaves with its compelling compositions and an army of guest appearances and renowned producers. One of the standout tracks from the forthcoming album is “Why Don’t,” a soul-stirring single that delves deep into the complexities of relationships and the lingering scars they leave behind.

Snakedoctors have masterfully crafted “Why Don’t” to be an alternative rock anthem that packs a punch, evoking a blend of captivating melodies and electrifying instrumentals. Anchored by a driving mid-tempo drumbeat and an onslaught of crushing, overdriven guitars, the song creates a sonic forcefield that envelops listeners in its unyielding grip.

But it’s the hauntingly melodic vocals that truly elevate the narrative, casting a shadow of melancholy and introspection over the entire track. With every note, Snakedoctors skillfully embody the essence of their genre, staying true to their roots while crafting a sound that resonates with both authenticity and innovation.

For “Why Don’t,” Snakedoctors joined forces with the extraordinary Nik Hughes, the formidable drummer of the legendary band Bush. Hughes brings his impeccable talent and years of experience to the table, adding an extra layer of dynamism and rhythmic finesse to the track. The collaboration between Snakedoctors and Hughes is a testament to the band’s unyielding commitment to excellence, seeking out top-tier talent to enhance their sonic vision. In the hands of renowned mixer David Gorgolewski, “Why Don’t” found its true sonic identity. Recorded at the esteemed Osso Studio, the track received the meticulous attention it deserved, ensuring that every instrument and vocal nuance was captured with pristine clarity.

Further mastering duties were entrusted to the illustrious Stephen Marcussen, the same sonic sorcerer who sprinkled his magic over Snakedoctors’ latest album. With Marcussen’s expert touch, “Why Don’t” shines brighter than ever, ready to captivate audiences with its sonic grandeur.

In true Snakedoctors fashion, their upcoming album “Waiting” will offer listeners a unique glimpse into the band’s artistic versatility. Alongside the original version of “Why Don’t,” the album will include an unplugged rendition, stripping away the layers of distortion and showcasing the raw beauty of the song’s composition. This alternative take highlights the band’s ability to breathe new life into their work, presenting fans with a fresh perspective and a deeper connection to their music.

Adding yet another fascinating dimension to “Why Don’t,” the band enlisted the renowned Chris Rakestraw to work his production magic. Rakestraw, celebrated for his work on the last two albums by Megadeth and earlier with Deftones, brings his expertise to the table, reimagining the track with his signature touch. With Rakestraw’s involvement, listeners can expect a fresh sonic experience, where the boundaries of alternative rock are pushed and reshaped.

Just as Snakedoctors immerse us in their sonorous world, they continue to push the boundaries of artistic expression with a visually stunning music video for “Why Don’t.” Shot in the mesmerizing landscapes of Poland and Serbia, the video serves as a captivating companion to the song’s emotional narrative. Through its carefully crafted visuals, the video plans to resonate on a deeper level, allowing viewers to immerse themselves fully in Snakedoctors’ captivating world.

With “Why Don’t” serving as the third single off their upcoming album “Waiting,” the anticipation surrounding Snakedoctors’ latest musical endeavor reaches a fever pitch. The band’s relentless pursuit of artistic excellence and their ability to seamlessly fuse alternative rock’s raw energy with melodic brilliance have garnered them a devoted following. Fans eagerly await the release of the album, eager to experience the emotional rollercoaster of sounds, stories, and surprises that Snakedoctors have promised to deliver.

In a genre defined by its ability to capture the essence of human emotions and experiences, Snakedoctors have proven themselves to be an alternative rock force to be reckoned with. With their captivating melodies, powerful lyrics, and unrelenting live energy, they have crafted a sound that resonates deeply with audiences across the globe. Their latest single, “Why Don’t,” showcases their ability to create anthems that strike a chord with listeners, while their forthcoming album, “Waiting,” promises to be an immersive and transformative experience.


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