Slightly Left of Centre – ‘Yesterday’

Slightly Left Of Centre has always been that band you could trust to release exciting, sturdy alt-pop-funk-rock music that existed in a sonic landscape that was never quite the same as the rest of its contemporaries. All of their songs, while differing in theme and style, had one thing in common – they were always consistently good. Now they have just dropped their latest single “Yesterday”, which is another incredibly infectious tune with the soaring vocals and the punchy rhythm being its driving forces.

The song has patently bombastic ambitions, managing to shoehorn in, jangly and fiery guitar guitars, throbbing drums and, naturally, a crescendo of dynamic keys. All the while staying emotional, richly melodic and atmospheric.

The lyrics also hit that sweet spot of being relevant to just about anyone. “Yesterday” has all the ingredients of an addictive pop song, with just enough electric guitars to maintain its rock flavored grit.

Slightly Left of Centre features Michael Pace (UNKNWN, Living Through Mirrors), a multi-Instrumentalist songwriter and musician living in Melbourne, Australia. Michael writes, records and produces all of his own music and video, while collaborating with local and international artists alike under his production company Pace Audio. The craftsmanship applied to “Yesterday” obviously benefits from his experience and is arguably among his best, and most diverse work.

While there is a greater focus on catchy, high-octane melodic choruses, Slightly Left of Centre have never sounded more in their element. They’re in the best form they’ve ever been. Capable of inspiring passionate sing-alongs, “Yesterday” instantly garners the listener’s attention.

The songwriting is top-notch, possessing a modern pop feel, which benefits from the prominent bass and rhythm guitar. Not to mention the vocals that really fit the moving passages provided by the expansive musical backdrop.

There is just something so organic and magical in Slightly Left of Centre’s music that makes them truly esteemed among their contemporaries and critics. Their finely produced tracks are memorable in a sea of pop mediocrity.

The band has changed its sound on “Yesterday”, but the essence of Michael Pace’s composing and performance brilliance remains. It’s both a return to their roots, and a successful contemporary upgrade that makes the band relevant in today’s rapidly changing musical environment.

Lyrically, Slightly Left of Centre are on a high level. But musically, this single crafts a perfectly coordinated track; there is such an attention to detail – from the prevalence of the guitar to the rhythm or even the sound of the drum kit; something about this record is powerful in its uniqueness. Hooks are always pushed to the forefront, and everything is wrapped in alluring gloss, as the slick muscular melodicism drives its way through the sound system.

This song is everything you would expect from the group in 2022, and so much more. It is more meaningful, and stronger than ever. It’s the kind of song that gets stuck in one’s head, and for good reason. It represents the essence of Slightly Left of Centre. “Yesterday” is the pinnacle of modern-day, melodic pop and rock.

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