Second Echo – “Innocent”

Fronted by multi-talented musician and singer, Casey Stickley, Second Echo was conceived in Ohio in the late 1990s with mission to deliver the best guitar-driven rock possible. Combining the finest elements of classic and modern rock, the band is heavily influenced by groups such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains. Second Echo’s early years consisted of late night writing sessions in barn lofts, countless hours playing shows in any venue available, and a couple of unproduced albums. The obligatory growing pains for any young band inevitably appeared, but the music never wavered. In fact the project is set to release their 13-track breakout album “EVELUTION”, this fall, on digital, CD, and Vinyl via the Spectra Music Group/Tabletop Records. The current single “Innocent”, is already backed by a video clip readily available for viewing on YouTube.

I own hundreds upon hundreds of albums. I’ve played in bands, engineered and produced music. I’ve bought and sold more audio gear, basses, guitars, and drum kits, than I’d care to talk about. Hence to impress me a band needs to have something almost intangible. Something that goes above the technicality or musicality of a performance.

I don’t want to call it the x-factor as that’s a word that has been bastardized of late. But that’s more or less what I mean. That volatile element which pervades an artist or song, absolutely capturing your attention.

Whatever it is, Second Echo have it, and they squeeze every inch of life out of it on “Innocent”. If you, like me, had a thing for Soundgarden then you’ll know that most of Badmotorfinger had it too- representing that raw, unpredictable sweet spot for me with enough structure, wildness, visceral sounds, angst, unpredictability, and somehow entertaining fun at the same time too. That put Soundgarden in its own league, and the formula pretty much does the same for Second Echo.

Unlike much of modern rock which is too forced and self-conscious, with the same hooks being repeated over and over again by bands like Breaking Benjamin to Nickleback and Five Finger Death Punch, Second Echo brings back the confident, swaggering old school way that is breathtaking.

The timbre. The mix. The ensemble of instruments they put together. The power and muscle of the playing. The live drumming sound and thick rumbling bass, together with the forceful guitar riffs and outstanding vocals is truly in a different league, taking you on a deliberate and impressive voyage to a musical destination, rather than just bashing out riffs that sound ‘louder or harder’ than anyone else.

A monstrous, but unpretentious production from start to finish, everything from the guitars, bass, drums, and especially the vocals of frontman and project leader, Casey Stickley, makes this single truly rock. Play it loud!


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