“Man of Shadows” is a song Fredrik Lindström aka Second Choice wrote 25 years ago. A friend of his, who was the bass player at the time found the demo and convinced Fredrik that they should do a new version of it. They reworked it from the beginning, so it’s basically a new song, and can be considered a joint effort. Fredrik wrote the lyrics, while him and his friend, Joachim Ebertsson wrote the music together. The singer is a man named Berzan Öhnen. This is the first time that Fredrik has worked with Berzan, but he says that it will not be the last.

Second Choice is on radio rotation with the track “Man Of Shadows”.

“Man of Shadows” Lyrics

Hear my silence, as I breath

Remember nothing, when you think of me

A veil of sorrow, covers me

Unseeing eyes, looks at me

Man of shadows, the one that no-one sees

Just a shadow, Is it really me?

I walk among you, I live in your street

I sit beside you but tour eyes never meet

Just a shadow, that no-one sees

A pale reflection of what used to be me

Man of shadows, the one that no-one sees

Just a shadow, o yes its really me

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