Sebastian Mitchell – “Crumbling To Pieces” and “Don’t Know Your Name”

Singer, composer and music producer, Sebastian Mitchell reaches his full potential on his new album, “The Sound Of Light – Vol.1”. The artist who has been active since 2009, changed things up from spending 3 years doing hiphop and rap, due to a rap tournament on a German YouTube channel. Mitchell decided to go back to his pop roots, discovering his own sound without chasing any trends, but blending modern and retro pop. On this album, it feels like he is making exactly the music he wants to make and it fits him like a glove. The record is cohesive from start to finish, but leaves room for Mitchell to experiment with diverse soundscapes.

Sebastian Mitchell takes on a full-fledged pop and synthwave sound on “Crumbling To Pieces”, one of the singles and clear highlights on the album. Mitchell’s delivery is gritty and resonant, while the bass line and synths are as infectious as the soaring melody. The loud and proud anthem has a killer beat accompanied by rolling toms. He delivers some of the best vocals of his career here and the track takes it to the next level with some irresistible chorus action.

Although the album is mostly fast paced and upbeat, Sebastian Mitchell does slow down the tempo a couple of times for different reasons. “Don’t Know Your Name” is a mesmerizing mid-tempo ballad packed with energy. Lyrically filled with emotion, the instruments perform for the sole purpose of transmitting that electrifying feeling. Everything about this composition is captivating, from the keys to the slamming drums.

Sebastian Mitchell clearly appears to have found his sound, and it’s one that gets everyone moving, emotionally, or on the dancefloor. From the very start of “The Sound Of Light – Vol.1″. Mitchell makes is clear that this album is him through and through. Even if there are similarities with other musicians, the voice, together with energy and attitude radiates to new heights, something not many musicians out there can accomplish.

There is a sense of nostalgia running through “The Sound Of Light – Vol.1″, while Sebastian Mitchell showcases his prodigious vocal skills, delivering an overall balanced performance.  “Radio” proudly features the soulful sounds of the saxophone, and “One Single Day” introduces some fiery vocals. “All These Lies” has a rock-n-roll sensibility to complement the funky groove of the rhythm, while “37 Roses” gets exotic with Spanish interludes.

By the time you hit on the harmony-layered and impacting “All For The Company”, and the poignantly powerful ballad, “Shooting Stars”, it’s clear that Sebastian Mitchell perfectly incorporates 80s musical cues alongside the sleek production and stylistic sonics of the 2020s. All the while reminding us why he is such a gifted singer.

All in all, Mitchell not only delivers the goods on standouts “Crumbling To Pieces”, and “Don’t Know Your Name”, but across the entire album.  “The Sound Of Light – Vol.1” is well-rounded from start to finish, with its retro sensibilities and modern stylings, boding quite well in the singer’s favor.

Even as Sebastian Mitchell showcases the brilliance of the musical flavors of past decades, it never feels stale.  If anything, it’s entirely refreshing, and definitely reminds us why he is an artist to take special note of. In fact, watch out for “The Sound Of Light – Vol.2” coming out in October, 2021.


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