Although Scott Hopkins has been hailed as a guitar virtuoso by most of the media, it is also his emotional lead vocal delivery and diverse songwriting style that separates him from his peers. His album “DEMO-LITION DEMOS AND LIVE TRACKS LP EDITION” captures the full raw artistic scope of what makes Hopkins such a unique artist. Presenting the best combo of singer-songwriter lyrics, ripping guitar solos, and accessible rock and blues induced tunes, this album continues Scott Hopkins’ prolific rise. His do-it-yourself production style serves an unfettered vision of passion and vulnerability.

When Scott Hopkins picks up his guitar, acoustic or electric – it literally speaks through him. Those familiar with Hopkin’s work, will know how it effortlessly showcases a level of pure and honest musicianship very few indeed ever get to. He embodies the kind of player that’s unequivocally in tune with their instrument, and able to improvise using purely the mind’s eye.

Right from the opening track, “ADDICTS HANDBOOK LISTEN UP!”, which discusses the perils of addiction, this album will surely forewarn the ordinary person on the street how good and conscious a musician Scott Hopkins can be. Right from the off Hopkins shows his vocal talent, coming across as a mixture of a knowing verbal sage and a man with a message to pass on.

“HEY HEY WHAT CAN I DO (LIVE)”, sees Scott Hopkins ably take on the challenge of a Led Zeppelin cover, with just an acoustic guitar at hand, and pulls it off beautifully. “REAL DEAL MUSIC I HEARD IN A COMA LAND OF NOD” is an ingenious mix of a Stevie Ray Vaughan acoustic motif, and an original electric guitar sortie, inspired by a tragic real life event when Hopkins lost half a lung.

The gravely vocal timbre and nuances of Scott Hopkins’ voice is in full evidence on the Buckcherry cover “OPEN MY EYES (GHOST TRACK)”, and then again on the Pete Townshend cover “LET MY LOVE OPEN THE DOOR”, which is executed live in the studio with an acoustic guitar. Hopkins also covers The Who live in the studio, with his poignant interpretation of “NAKED EYE”, as well as the Black Crowes with another live performance.

It will probably always be the guitar that Hopkins is known for. This is no bad thing as it makes the listener really take in some of the solo’s that Scott Hopkins is able to perform, especially on the original tracks such as the rocking swagger of “SUCK THIS”, the emotional soulful ballad “LONG WAY HOME”, and the expansive “SPACE JAM ON A TRIP” where Scott’s finger skills take on new dimensions.

Scott Hopkins’ original tracks are both affecting and hard-hitting, as can be experienced on the triad of mid-tempo rockers – “EXPLODE”, “LIES” and “WRECKIN BALL”. His raspy way of singing suits these songs perfectly, while his strident electric guitar sounds rip through the heart of these backdrops. Scott closes the album with the acoustic, “OH JOSEPHINE”, recorded in his kitchen during lockdown.

The whole album is a rock listener’s wet dream to listen to, and the fact that Scott Hopkins is so proficient and impressive on both guitar and vocals, is a testament to the man’s skill as a musician. Totally void of pretense, and glossy corporate gimmickry, it has been quite some time since a rock artist has given us a recording this raw, pure and immediate, to sink our teeth into.

Scott Hopkins is a musician based in Worcester Massachusetts just outside of Boston. He put everything on hold to raise his children, and is now finding the time to unleash his skills to the world. Family is important to Scott, who never forgets to drop a wholehearted shoutout to his mom and dad, as well as his children, Scott Jr, Ricky, Mikey and Athena.

If somehow, you’ve already heard of Scott Hopkins, then I’m sure that “DEMO-LITION DEMOS AND LIVE TRACKS LP EDITION” is probably already in your record collection. If you haven’t heard anything by this man yet, then it’s time to change that now!


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