Sarah Reynolds – “Covers Me”

Multi-talented songwriter, composer, producer and performer Sarah Reynolds was raised in the Cotswolds alongside her musical siblings, by parents who often favored world music over traditional pop. Reynolds, who learned piano and flute during her formative years, began exploring music further whilst at SOAS University, and went on to perform at marquee London venues. She dived into the world of production and audio engineering, before signing her first publishing deal in 2015. With ambitions of writing for TV and film, and predominately, for other artists, Reynolds continues to add to her growing catalogue. Her latest release is the two-track single “Covers Me”.

This track is so fully committed to centering the eyes and ears of the listener to Jesus it truly is hard to think of much besides God’s remarkable greatness. This young lady will touch your heart with her music.

She has a lovely voice, but what is most impressive are the inspiring introspective lyrics and the smooth resonating production. Track one is more fleshed out instrumentally, while the second cut is an acoustic version of the song. Both however, are rich in organic sounding instrumentation.

If you are one who feels that the music is as important as the message, this song is for you too, as the music is top tier and lush. However Sarah Reynolds has a voice made for praising God. At times soft and sultry, and at others powerful enough to smash a glass at 100 yards. So if you want to be moved deep down in your very soul, plug in your headset, close your eyes and hit play, then worship along with Sarah.

“Your love is enough for me, and your word is the truth I seek. When the doubts are surrounding me. Your blood, it covers me,” sings Sarah, encouraging you immensely, reminding you that you are not alone, and that nothing will get in the way of God’s love, grace, forgiveness, and sovereign purposes for your life, if you just allow yourself to lean on Him.

The nuances and subtleties in her voice points to worship music that seems eager to interact with the world inside and outside of evangelical culture. Sarah Reynolds sounds like her personal truths are searching for a personal connection with you.

The song, which was entirely recorded, produced and mixed remotely during lockdown, is not only one of the most ear-warming songs to have come out this year so far, but it also offers listeners a beautiful testimony of Sarah’s faith. With impactful lyrics, a sweeping but gentle melody, and a message that will resonate deeply, the song is sure to send chills down your spine.

The most popular worship songs have simple choruses that a whole room of people can easily latch onto, so it’s not surprising how comfortably “Covers Me” fits the aesthetic, with a clean arrangement and a sweetly distinctive chorus.

Occasionally, an artist’s desire to simply create the next big worship track may detract from the quality of songwriting and honesty of the music produced. I am pleased to say that Sarah Reynolds did not fall into this trap. Rather, she has created an authentic track full of personal wisdom and faith.



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