Sanny – “Do This Anymore”

Sanny is a singer-songwriter that delves into every form of music. His current release is the acoustic driven single “Do This Anymore”. Producing a soulful sound that hints at a troubled relationship and past, and wants to turn into an optimistic future, this track is a real little gem. With vocals that are mesmerizing, evocative and beautiful, it would be easy to forget the rest, but anything to say about this song can also be heard in it production. It is just a beautifully constructed song with wonderful lyrics that remain in your head. Sanny knows how to churn out tunes catchy enough to hum along to even on the first listen, as if the melodies were already floating around in your psyche, just waiting to be brought to life.

What sets the artist apart, is Sanny’s moving, raw delivery. “Do This Anymore” is solid proof of the singer-songwriter’s ability to tell a life story within a four-and-a-half minute song, with a beautiful acoustic-guitar rhythm and a lyrical theme of love and vulnerability. The best part about Sanny is that he never strays from honesty.

This track illustrates that perfectly, as the big emotional sound moves towards its climax. If there’s one sensation to take away from this song, it’s that there are real people behind the music. The messages inlaid within the track will dig deep into the minds and hearts of listeners, and the way Sanny represent them through the music makes them feel even more real.

“Do This Anymore” feels so deeply in love with its soulful vibe, while Sanny’s voice adds some drama into the mix, with a very introspective and reflective run of words. The narrator digs deep showing his real colors and personality. It sounds a deeply personal record, but as emotional as it is, it expresses a desire to move forward and be better, which is something we should all strive for.

In life, we will take many a journey, and, when you realize that, you gain the wisdom it takes to course them. In a world that talks about finding one’s true self and staying on the right path to find happiness, Sanny arises to tell us to never stop looking for it.

“I don’t want to be the reason why you walk out the door. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to do this anymore,” he sings. The maturity of Sanny as a vocalist and lyricist comes in his eased and growing acceptance of this truth. But ultimately it’s his voice that will secure his appeal.

He’s got the sound and swag that comes off soulful and passionate, and is very hard to resist. When Sanny sings, listeners can really hear the pain, hurt, and love as he vocalizes about his experiences. These feelings come across extremely sincere and grab listeners by their hearts and minds.

“Do This Anymore” is so inspiring and really makes stimulating self-reflection. It reminds everyone that life is short and you need to make that change in your life to get on the right track.


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