Roxxa Nova – “All About You”

I am completely in love with Roxxa Nova. I see creativity, I see fearlessness, I see a unique performer. Her voice is powerful and her songs are like wings for the soul.  Her latest track, “All About You” takes it to a whole new level. Her voice alone is hypnotic and the song is more about substance and conveys a deep message. Roxxa stands out in my eyes as an artist that does not resort to using sex or obscene language to sell her music. Only her tremendous voice, lyrics, and incredible material.  The beauty of “All About You” is the range of sound and tone that she achieves throughout the whole track with its deep melody, and insistent reggae-flavored rhythm.

Hard banging drums, a throbbing bassline and screaming rock guitars relentlessly drive the underbelly of a song that tackles the theme of abusive relationships – be that physical, psychological or emotional abuse, within a sentimental or family situation.

It is a topic that Roxxa has had a serious gripe with since an early age, witnessing friends and family members involved in abusive relationships. Her goal is to help encourage people to work towards personal happiness and self-development, avoiding domination by others, especially those you love.

Roxxa Nova sings with a poignancy that elevates the spirit on “All About You”. The feverish way she contorts her voice will clutch your heart in a tenacious grip, and at the same time soothe your encumbered psyche. More impressively, she conveys liberty, audacity and confidence.

A supremely talented singer and song writer, Roxxa is, arguably, one of the most interesting underground female artists performing today. In an era where so many of the songs you hear on the radio are dominated by the same handful of writers, it’s refreshing to hear a different voice speak openly about profoundly serious social issues.

“All About You”, is an enormous song, focusing very heavily on the buildup of the vocals, with Roxxa delivering an incredible vocal performance across the chorus, while maintaining an uncanny restraint in the verses. In this song, Roxxa Nova is life itself. She is so unique and entertaining and everything that music needs right now.

She is a gifted songwriter with a distinguished voice that sets her apart from most of her peers. “I’m not you, you’re not me. I’m my own person, can’t you see. It’s all about you, never me. I’m my own person can’t you see. And now it’s time to set me free,” is a battle cry she delivers with absolute conviction, resulting in a track that not only instills excitement into its listeners, but offers heartfelt inspiration.

Roxxa Nova’s ear for an incredibly catchy melody balanced against her dark lyrics of despair and self-empowerment, results in one of the year’s most stirring songs so far. It’s truly powerful stuff that is made all the more remarkable wrapped up in the production’s thunderous and gleaming pop-rock sheen.

The song reaches a crescendo of purgative refrains, with the deepest moments being incredibly intense. “All About You” is a prowling anthem that demands, and deserves a massive audience.

MORE ABOUT: Based in Aruba, singer and songwriter Roxxa Nova grew up in Holland with a mixed population of cultures from Curacao, Suriname, Turkey, Sint Maarten, and different countries of Africa. She says this inspired her to listen to all kinds of music and broaden her way of thinking. In Aruba, Roxxa launched herself as a performer in concerts, hotels, and corporate events. The positive feedback encouraged her to bring her original music to the island and the world at large. Fortunately she is not alone in her plight and is supported by a group of passionate musicians, including her manager, producer, and drummer Jeremy Bonarriba, guitarist Mario Chow, and bassist Sergio Silva.


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