Rob Georg: “Dust” and “This Ain’t My First Rodeo”

At first glance, it would seem that Rob Georg is just a regular cowboy with a song in his heart. Instead, the former professional equestrian athlete, is a country singer who hails from Germany, and lives on a ranch with eight dogs, 50 sheep, and almost two dozen horses. About a year ago, Rob met singer-songwriter, Kristin K. Smith, while on a trip to Nashville. Under her guidance, and with the help of some talented people, he started to record and publish his music.

Now With 5 songs already in the can, including “Carry The Wind” and “Dust”, Rob Georg is set to release a series of new tracks, between May and October of 2019. In the meantime he has impacted radio stations and music charts alike, both in Europe and the USA.

Rob Georg’s songs are everything that is beautiful about country music. They are true to life and Rob has a way of making you feel every single word, raw and real. Each song takes you to a place that you have been before. You may not have lived the life the song speaks about, or shared exactly the same experiences as Rob, but you sure have had the feelings the song provokes.

From the time the needle drops the riveting soulful vocals captures every feeling you’ve ever asked for in a song. There isn’t one song in Rob’s freshly made catalog that won’t conjure up some sort of powerful emotion.

“Dust” is near perfectly produced, every instrument has its place and is mixed to be punchy and expressive. It has strong southern rock tendencies with crunchy guitar riffs and banging drums coming to the fore. It’s not really any surprise as Rob Georg is an artist that demands to be heard by the masses and will likely appeal to fans of all genres of music.

Rob’s powerful and melodic voice holds its weight. In fact it’s Rob’s voice that really steals the spotlight alongside the guitars on “Dust”. Regardless of what he’s singing about Rob Georg sings straight from his soul and he fills every word with such meaning and emotion it’s impossible not to get swept along for the ride.

“This Ain’t My First Rodeo”, told the story of his past profession, while “Carry The Wind” narrated the tale of Rob’s deceased horse, Primetime Shorty. On his latest, “Dust”, the singer turns his attentions to the daily life of a cowboy. Rich with stories, melodies, incredible instrumentation, and resonating vocals, Rob also infuses his songs with a strong spiritual twist.

Rob Georg is a refreshing artist in today’s trend of crappy music. His songs are very well written and obviously well sung. “Dust” has guts and a power that is missing in most of today’s top 40 country.

Any upcoming accolades for this track are well earned. No tricks needed, no flashy lights, no dancing girls, and no sleight of hand. Pure talent and a God given voice. This is what country music once was, and should be again!


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