Raféu – “Moonlighting” from the EP “Y,Luv”

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Raféu – a mixed-race singer, songwriter, actor, model, dancer, teacher, choreographer, writer, and director of South Asian, Middle Eastern as well as oriental descent – has just recently released his 5-track EP “Y,Luv”. Though constructed with a blend of trendy electro-pop flavors, the music is different in many ways, too. In his affect, production, and writing, Raféu telegraphs extraordinary sensitivity with a powerful, introspective sense of control. Tender and personal but self-assured, this is a recording that captures the freedom in learning about ourselves through experiences with others.

Raféu precise songwriting maps his journey through life while sharing some lessons in love, acceptance, and inclusion, among others. As the songs build in confidence over pulsating synths, Raféu divulges the thrills and afflictions of relationships. He recognizes the emotional intelligence and growth that occurs when we open up our hearts to someone else, but also the pitfalls thereof.  With each of these experiences, we understand the world a little bit more.

The throbbing mid-tempo passion of “Moonlight” opens the EP with an explicit message: Please baby come over. Under the moonlight. I wanna lay you down and fuck tonight. Under the moonlight.” Here Raféu wears his heart on his sleeve. The honesty and attention to detail in his songwriting puts him on a higher level. He delivers a sharp introspection that others would be too shy to declare.

Sometimes our biggest revelations come through the acts of love and desire. Raféu takes snapshots from those experiences and elaborates on them profoundly. “I don’t wanna lose. Tell me I’m not gonna lose. I wanna see you again. I wanna feel you again. I wanna touch you again,” sings Raféu in the slow burning “I Just Wanna Know”, before the beat switches up and changes tone and tempo.

Raféu voice is perfectly modulated and resonant on the crystalline “Forever”. The maturity in the singer-songwriter’s sound, content, and expression is swiftly identifiable. He comes across as entirely aware and confident in presence and talent. The track ripens as it’s musicality swells, giving just enough familiar synth overlays to tie it to Raféu’s recognizable roots yet offering more sophistication in production.

For me, “You Are Mine” brings the EP to its absolute sonic apex. The hip-swaying rhythm, the ear-warming melody, the catchy guitar hook, and Raféu’s enchanting vocals, are hard to resist. This is a charming song from start to finish, that only strengthens Raféu’s name and presence, as a musician.

Once the track is played, you’ll not want it to end. All of which takes us to the final cut, “Dream”, where Raféu’s voice ascends smoothly into a higher register. The track remains a powerful, thoughtful, and engaging listen.

The EP “Y,Luv” cements Raféu as a new and diverse voice in an ever-expanding pop scene through its heartfelt storytelling, solid production, and scintillating vocals. The confidence in Raféu’s voice and his artistic charisma elevate the songs, giving them an edge over the works of many of his contemporaries. This latest project uncovers all of Raféu’s ambition and potential.

Instagram: iamrafeu
YouTube: Raféu
Spotify: Raféu
Facebook: @RafeuOfficialMusic /Raféu

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