Pull n Way, Lerocque & DSM – “Temporary Fix”

Born out of the troublesome global afflictions of 2020, the contemporary pop ballad, “Temporary Fix”, talks of the universal truth that we are stronger together when we help, support, and love each other. Written, produced and performed by musical artisans from different countries only makes the aforementioned axiom even more substantial. Pull n Way, Lerocque & DSM, each have different stories, backgrounds, cultures and artistic qualities, but ultimately they share one common vision and desire – to bring people together. The lyrics of the track says it out loud and clear: “I’ll be here so let me carry you, you are not alone even when the cold wind hits, we don’t have to stand alone, we’re not just a temporary fix”.

On “Temporary Fix”, Pull n Way, Lerocque & DSM craft a lush, multi-textured soundscape full of melodic warmth and cinematic flourishes, wherein their ambitious musical vision is fully solidified across the expanse of the arrangement. The song also represents an occasion for us to be seduced by the unique vocal charms of Pull n Way and Lerocque, as well the production skills of DSM. It’s a match made in heaven.

The wistful, yet grounded song emotionally explores the disenchantment of being separated and the yearning to be united – in all of it complicated facets. The beat, the bass, the lush key arrangement, the strings; everything here is blissfully impacting and effortless at the same time. Pull n Way and Lerocque work very well together, their vocals mix perfectly to create an amazing atmospheric feel. The vocals are an important aspect of this track, and they are simply beautiful.

On the whole, Pull n Way, Lerocque & DSM’s multi-dimensional approach to song-craft is far more intriguing and transcendent than the confines of any single genre definition could determine. Their music is a showcase of rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic wonder. These vital aspects, allow them to transcend styles, genres and subgenres.

“Temporary Fix”, resides on a much higher level, where the vocals, instrumentation, and awesome overall craftsmanship, exists in an aura of bliss and beauty. It quickly lures you into its mood and texture – mellifluous, lush and layered – with plenty of heart and soul to spread around. The song has got class to last. It’s not hard to imagine the leap from single to album, either, for Pull n Way, Lerocque & DSM, considering how well they work together.

Ultimately, besides its powerful message, this song owes a lot to the exceptional vocalists and the musical genius of who crafted the production of “Temporary Fix”. So let’s discover exactly who they are:

Pull n Way is a Swiss Electro Pop project, represented by the singer and songwriter Mylène. At just 22 years old, she has so far released more than 26 singles and the highly acclaimed debut album “Colours”. Pull n Way has surpassed more than 1 million streams with her collab “Let Me Fly”, breaking the Swiss airplay charts with the song “Anything”. She recently signed a deal with Sony Music Publishing Germany.

Lerocque was born as Pedro Rodrigues in Portugal and translocated to Switzerland with his parents during the 90’s. Formerly the lead singer of the band One Day Remains, Lercoque ventured out on his own as a solo artist a few years ago, and has released several singles to critical acclaim, working with a variety of different producers across Europe.

DSM is music producer, songwriter, mixer Dan Scholes, who has been writing and producing with and for various artists and bands for many years across the UK, Europe and beyond. As a songwriter and producer his songs have amassed millions of streams and radio airplay worldwide. His songs can also be heard on prominent TV shows across major networks in the UK and the US.


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