Priscilla The Outlaw – “Go My Own Way”

Priscilla The Outlaw moved to Nashville in 2015 to chase her dreams of music. She packed up her guitar to head across the country, and started honing her craft alongside hit songwriters. She is releasing her single “Go My Own Way” to help in her efforts and selling her mixtape of her first three years of Nashville recordings. She is as determined as ever to record her first album and to make sure she finds it through her singing and hard work.

The first time I heard Priscilla The Outlaw about 2 years ago with a track called “Doing It Right”, I was struck by the beauty, resonance and clarity of her voice. Perhaps it was a subliminal memory that fluttered into my mind, but listening to her latest single, there it was again, and truly a joy to hear.

Like all great singers, Priscilla lets her songs do the talking and the soulful “Go My Own Way” is a demanding story of wishing, and dreaming for true love, but finding it not so easy to achieve.  How many of us have been there at some time in our lives, and maybe many of us still are there.

Priscilla’s golden rich voice is the perfect foil to unrequited love, as you can feel the power and angst in her tone. Priscilla The Outlaw has all the potential, and everything pointed in the right direction to be a successful Americana music star.

And I specifically say Americana, and not simply country, because her voice and style merges flavors from folk, country, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll. Her voice is also in top form here, as she handles the sweet and bitter tones with equal dexterity and conviction.

To be fair “Go My Own Way” is painstakingly, heartachingly, flawless. Over and above voice, the songwriting on is what endures, autonomous of any other concerns. It might even be fair to mark it as her most refined songwriting effort yet. This is what distinguishes an artist like Priscilla The Outlaw from the mundane efforts of her counterparts.

After listening to “Go My Own Way”, it is clear Priscilla’s musical sense has matured, resulting in her becoming this confident, emotive and outspoken woman in search of her romantic dream. The heavy sound of the bass and guitar yields masses of musical emotion, the kind we haven’t yet heard from Priscilla on her previous, upbeat release, “Doing It Right”, which featured a more jangly twangy sound.

On “Go My Own Way” she is proceeding to have an intense impact, getting more than just metaphorical. Her voice touches a part of the heart that allows you to feel so deeply attached to her music.

The sheer desire to give love and to receive love, is a sometimes forgotten human trait.  Some people are givers, others are takers, and Priscilla The Outlaw is a giver, who has tired of the takers that burden her beating heart: “Still I dream the dream that lover’s dream. And I pray the prayer that lovers pray. I scheme the scheme that lover’s scheme, but then I still go my own way.”


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