poppichi – “Key to Your Heart”

“I got the key to your heart and you know what that means. Going to sleep I’ll catch you in your dreams,” sings poppichi in the self-written and engineered single, “Key to Your Heart”, produced by Northeast lights and Aurora. The Hyperpop artist inspired by Lil Peep, Coldhart, and Shinigami, started making music in 2018. He mixes electronic, emo, glitch, hip-hop, alternative flavors into his blend of shimmering emotional pop. By pairing all of these components in seemingly unrelated genres, poppichi sounds like an innovator within genre-defying music. Playful, bouncy and shiny clean, “Key to Your Heart” takes poppichi’s sound to new heights bringing his adept songwriting skills into sharper focus and expanding his palette of sonic touchstones.

poppichi wholeheartedly embraces his mutant-pop sounds on “Key to Your Heart”, as he unfolds the song’s narrative. Indelible melodies clash with the twinkling and twisting synth noises, sped-up voices and a steady clattering beat. Here poppichi explores the creative limits of pop music with this adventurous single. The shape-shifting mesh of shimmering synthesizers from a beautiful backdrop for poppichi’s restrained melodic vocals.

“Key to Your Heart” is an incredible reality centered completely on poppichi’s natural abilities and his fantasy influenced mindset. The artfully done vocal manipulation and sweet bubble gum-pop groove sets the song alight.

The record is particularly note-worthy as it hinges completely on poppichi’s own talent and potential. It puts the emphasis on poppichi’s smooth, clear vocals before building steadily on the heavily electro-influenced soundscape.

“Key to Your Heart” is perfect in terms of its variety and musicality, relying on the beat, the vocals and lyricism. In essence, the track is a collection of sweet and catchy cacophony, tempered at opportune times by poppichi’s melodic vocal touch. poppichi has an incredible ear for sticky vocal hooks and a keen ability to integrate them into his smooth delivery. That’s some musical vision right there.

Amidst a sea of one-and-a-half minute songs containing short bursts of fiery energy, it is sometimes refreshing to find a Hyperpop artist like poppichi, a creative who approaches his music with a singer-songwriter sensibility.

He crafts vibrant, layered songs that evolve and work symbiotically with the lyrics. He also knows exactly how to execute his style and seems to do so effortlessly. “Key to Your Heart” is a synthesis that should convince anyone of that style’s potential.

When an artist is able to create such a specific atmosphere with their music, you pay attention accordingly. poppichi manages to thread the production style through his crisp, catchy vocal melodies. It all works, due to poppichi’s consistently on-point vocal delivery and elite songwriting.

All in all, “Key to Your Heart” is an enchanting and intoxicating, futuristic pop extravaganza. poppichi displays an ambitious artistry and vision for an up and coming talent. poppichi is an acute representation of the pervasive talent amongst young new artists, and the potential of where they will take the music industry next. What makes poppichi truly special is that he matches the transfixing production with impeccable songwriting.


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