Pip Souster – “This World”

Pip Souster is one of those artist I thought I knew, but after hearing his album “Rest My Soul”, and really listening to it, I realized the man has a depth of talent that I had not really fully appreciated up until now. Pip is a remarkably talented song writer and has a deft touch with the guitar. No he is not a showy virtuoso guitar talent, but rather an ultra-cool, laid back English hipster or cowboy, whichever way you want to look at it, with a sense of timing and rhythm that I wish many more of his would be peers had.

To the music-buying public at large, Pip Souster is still little more than a footnote. Few are familiar with his work as a recording artist. For those interested in diving into Pip’s music, his album titled “Rest My Soul” provides a surprisingly complete overview of Souster’s talents. Pip’s singer-songwriter sound is heavily influenced with a Southern Blues roots sensibility – a sly, quiet acoustic-driven shuffle style that imbues all of his work with a smoky, smoldering aura.

Pip Souster is a most understated musical character. Even when he rips out solo, his musical fire quietly glows more than it licks at the sky. His laid-back musical sensibility never forces itself on the listener; his approach seems to be more along the lines of, “Here’s what I’m doing. Stay tuned and listen if you like it.” That approach may help for account for the Pip’s relatively low profile. He seems more content to stay and play in the shadows, away from the limelight. Letting his songs do the talking.

And that’s basically what happens with Pip Souster’s latest track on radio rotation, “This World” – a song that speaks of the terrible condition out planet currently is in, due to mankind’s greed, corruption, and the search for hedonistic pleasures. We’ve practically been reduced to an unscrupulous civilization void of any morals. It’s a compelling storyline, and works musically, with a nice mid-tempo bluesy feel pushing its momentum, and Pip Souster’s lush baritone.


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