Pip Souster – “Tell Me”

Uniquely, Pip Souster’s claim to fame is not through his music alone but his concern about nature and animals in general. His musical themes are centered on the awareness and betterment of such, and can be distinctly heard in the track “Leave Our Nature Alone”. But Pip is also capable of kicking up a tongue in cheek jam, as he does on his latest single “Tell Me”. Dabbling in Country, Folk, Blues and good old rock n’ roll Pip and his band of friends bring a counter-intuitive blend that manages to be funky and laid-back at the same time.

He sings in a melodic baritone while his compositions are so full of steady rhythms and slippery acoustic guitar that you can never get to the bottom of them. In an era when so much music strains to sound more complicated than it really is, Pip Souster’s music is the exact opposite. He is a must-discover artist for any music fan looking for the simpler, more basic, core delights of the art.

For those who don’t know, Souster embodies the widescreen yet intimate type of vision through his music: big horizon, small amplitude, middling tempos – relaxed, wise, conscious and rhythmic. Pip Souster seems to be content with making music on his own terms, and the varied textures that can be heard on his album “Rest My Soul”, testify to his continued individuality as well as his unique talent.

If you’re a dreamer. If you prefer to look forward than look over your shoulder. If you believe that love is the answer to the world’s problems and think that humor and music is the savior of free spirits, then you’ll love Pip Souster’s track, “Tell Me” which is currently on radio rotation.


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