Phillip Sanders – “If I Didn’t Love You Girl”

Blessed with a melodic croon and a gift for storytelling, American country music artist and songwriter Phillip Sanders was born in Lake City, Florida, and currently resides in Texas. When he is not busy applying his musical skills, Sanders is also an Oil & Gas and Commercial investment entrepreneur. He decided to pursue his dreams of being a country music artist and songwriter in 2016. This was followed by the release of a series of charting singles. Philip Sanders has steadily, and frequently made his way onto the European Country Music Artist Charts, the SoundClick Country Music Charts, the Artist Direct Top 100 Trending Weekly, and the Joyce Ramgatie European top 40’s Single Charts, among others. He performs both original and choice cover songs.

Phillip Sanders is currently promoting his single “If I Didn’t Love You Girl”. The old world sentiments are immediate as the track opens out into a groove as smooth and lyrical as it is majestic.

Then the melody and the instrumentation fully hits and you realize this isn’t some ancient fiddle tune, but a crafty modern invention with fiery guitars and expansive warm keys. Best of all, there is the effortless manner of Sander’s resonant voice, which brings the imagery of the song to life.

Nothing sounds hurried or forced in the arrangement and the production brings an old world charm to a modern sound template. “If I Didn’t Love You Girl” is a composition ripe with classic country atmosphere but told with a level of sleek urgency that keeps the song strikingly contemporary.

Moreover, Phillip Sanders has a plainspoken observation of everyday realities that makes for such good music. So even when his talking about sentimental intricacies, he keeps the imagery simple and accessible to the masses.

The soulful vocal delivery from Phillip Sanders is really impressive. The song perfectly suits Sanders’ vocal range and the timbre of his voice. Big melodies, big vocals and FM radio allure abounds on this slick, polished track.

“This has gotta be love, cause I wouldn’t feel my heartbeat skipping every time I pick you up. You wouldn’t take my breath away. This wouldn’t hurt so much. I wouldn’t be here standing on your front porch, dreaming at your front door, baby you’re my whole world. If I didn’t love you girl,” sings Sanders, stating his case.

If you already like what Phillip Sanders does, you’ll adore “If I Didn’t Love You Girl”. If you’re just discovering Sanders, this song will convince you. The feel of this track is one of a huge, anthemic love song that you can’t help but sing along to.

The guitars and keys just lick over you as the vocal slips down your ear and massages your soul from the inside. By the time you are singing along with Phillip Sanders you are already totally absorbed in the narrative, and feel like you are part of something very special.

For “If I Didn’t Love You Girl” is everything and more that you could want from a modern Country song. It is down to earth, real and relatable. With a massive sounding instrumental and an engaging vocal.


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