Peter Senior – “The Christmas Tree”

“The Christmas Tree” is the brand new single by Sydney-based singer-songwriter, Peter Senior. The song promises to be a continuation of Senior’s success, achieved via his previous two singles, “Cool Ride” and “Baby I Love You”. Over and above its rollicking Yuletide theme, the song is loaded with all of Senior’s progressive retro flavors. This music is peppy and will get you in the mood for the holidays with the energy to accomplish all that is required: Decorating the house, baking all the Christmas goodies and just plain having a great time as everything gets done. You can never go wrong with Peter Senior. He has an amazing ability to transport you into his music allowing your emotions to take a musical roller-coaster ride.

If like me, you’re always looking for new Christmas music every year, and some of the old familiar standards have got terribly boring and you want to add something to the mix. This track sounds like a fun alternative. Peter Senior finds a way to accent and improve his magnificent vocal talents with a fantastic upbeat rock n’ roll-styled arrangement in this track.

The vitality and energy in the music is tremendous, but ultimately it’s Senior’s emphatically powerful voice that wins the day. I think Senior is a phenomenal performer. His music just makes me feel better. And this track certainly lifts the spirits.

Peter Senior is such a talented musician. That’s what I like about him. He can take a classic overworked theme and put a whole new twist on it so that it sounds unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Pairing him with a Christmas tune seems a no-brainer. The same wonderful sound and feel we’ve loved from Senior on his previous records is here.

Some sweetness, some rock n’ roll, some Motown timelessness. Something old, something new, and something for everyone to share at Christmas time. The real question is how can you not love “The Christmas Tree”.

This festive offering is a bold party banger which captures the mix of ambivalence and warmth that Christmas can somehow conjure up pretty perfectly.

If the idea of a modern-day Christmas song makes you recoil in doubt, then you clearly haven’t heard Peter Senior’s take on Christmas excitement. It’s got everything a good festive favorite should have: the bells, a yearning twinge, rich lyrical imagery and a melody that you’re bound to recreate after too many bubbles on the big day.

This is Christmas ardor at its most boisterous and tuneful. And when the overlapping harmonies come in to support Peter Senior’s soaring lead vocals, you know that this Christmas is going to be pretty magical under the spell of “The Christmas Tree”.

“The Christmas Tree” is available to stream and download from the 7th December 2018. All proceeds from the sale of the track will go to a charity called Aussie Helpers – Giving relief to drought based farms in areas around Australia.


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