Patrizia – “Only One”

The extraordinaire songstress Patrizia, steps up to the plate with her latest 5-track EP project “Only One”, which brings all of her alluring skills and irresistible presence into clear focus. Musically “Only One” is a soulful sonic wonderland with plenty of rhythmic attitude built-in for additional pleasure. It’s a triumphant blend, as Patrizia rides the wave of undulating beats with such confidence and panache, the project feels like the start of something truly amazing. She has cornered her lane with “Only One”, shooting from the hip sonically while using the music as a gateway to put her full abilities on display as a performer.

Born and raised in New York, Patrizia is an Italian-American, whose family migrated from Naples in Italy. She became a musical virtuoso at a young age playing the violin. Her love of music ignited her dreams, while her aspirations were further fueled by legendary influences from the nineties, which include the likes of Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Madonna, as well as hip-hop artists such as Biggie and Tupac.

Distilling a captivating blend of Dance, Pop and R&B, Patrizia began writing, producing and recording her own songs, and started collaborating with other talented artists. In 2020, she dropped her popular single “Andale”, which gained global recognition with remixes throughout Europe.

On her latest EP release “Only One”, which dropped on July 7th, Patrizia works tirelessly throughout the tracks to prove just how worthy she is of estimation, without so much as breaking a sweat.

She kicks off the project with the celebrated single, “Andale”, which rolls out on the sound of warm keys and Patrizia’s honey-filled husky croon, before the percussion injects a mid-tempo, hip-swaying momentum into the track. The song immediately sets the first high watermark on the project.

“Ordinary Girl” not only ups the production ante, it also lifts the tempo and the dancefloor heat, as Patrizia unpacks the best of her sultry tones meant to intoxicate and mesmerize on top of a throbbing beat that never overwhelms. The song presents the singer-songwriter in her upbeat element, as she effortlessly rides the rhythm, while handing out personal anecdotes and warnings. It’s a delight for the ears and a treat for the feet.

“I Feel It Too” switches the sonic template, and is for me, one of the project’s absolute highlights. Musically and vocally, Patrizia is at the top of her game here. Complete with authentic stop-and-go percussion, and a flavorful synth-driven arrangement, Patrizia works up an empathetic emotional state on this sentimental and passionate jam. When she sings the embellishing catch-line at the end of the second chorus: “I feel it…I feel it…I…I feel it…I feel it too”, it’s enough to make you crumble and melt with desire.

This brings us to the banging title track, “Only One”, which thrives on a simmering beat and a more than sensuous delivery from Patrizia who packs the track with a bag of breathless vocal nuances, which will instantly lock you into her world. The track brings the melody and groove home by utilizing some sprightly keyboard motifs in cooperation with Patrizia’s subtle, sweet and husky vocal notes, which serve her so well throughout this EP.

Patrizia closes the 5-track show with the lusciously layered stomper, “Mi Corazon”.  The alternating beat shifts, and her distinct vocal delivery, is a consolidation and confirmation of Patrizia’s skillset, shown clearly across the five delicious musical confectionaries found on “Only One”. Everything to like about Patrizia is here in large quantities, and it’s all filtered through her appealing and confident disposition.


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