Ostarè – “Show Em What You Got”

The French-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Ostarè, gets her moniker from the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring. Moving to the U.S. at a young age, she trained as a musician, and excelled at her craft as songwriter and pop artist. She would soon conquer stages from Los Angeles and Las Vegas to Hong Kong and Paris. A devastating car accident changed her life and inspired a shift from recording and performing pop music to exploring deeper themes of enlightenment and positivity. Ostarè now distills messages of resurrection and rebirth, which she dedicates to others who have been through life-changing experiences.

In 2021, she dropped the critically acclaimed single “God Loves a Woman”, and has now followed it up with the powerfully outspoken “Show Em What You Got”.

The track really shines in its dynamism, moving deftly across the up-to-the-minute synthesized soundscape, futuristic beat and state of the art production values. It gives the song a propulsive groove over which Ostarè spits her cautionary verses on the themes of superficial impressions and materialism.

These are topics, which seriously plague a modern society, totally consumed by the fascination of instant gratification. Ostarè warns about the perils of these fickle gestures. “I got something your money can’t buy,” she sings, before asking: “What is it that you want from me?” Determined and empowered, she exclaims to the loudly and proudly: “Show em what you got.”

Ostarè is far removed from the idealized versions of female divas that we have attempted to define during the last decade. The sheer freedom of awareness on show is a powerful response to our continuous search for clichéd definitions of women in music. So, while the song’s keyboard stabs, powerful bass rumble and danceable drums create an infectious groove, lyrically Ostarè is firing out empowering wisdoms.

“Show Em What You Got” is thoroughly contemporary and demonstrates Ostarè’s ability to move as deftly between musical stylings as she does between musical moods.

On her previous single, “God Loves a Woman”, her tone was sweetly and smoothly melodic with soaring choruses, while on “Show Em What You Got” she is edgy, urban and confidently cocky. The only common denominator is her concern with female empowerment.  All of which makes for exciting listening.

Ultimately, what keeps listeners engaged throughout “Show Em What You Got” is Ostarè’s charisma and artistry. The feisty singer-songwriter has rarely sounded more confident than she does here. And besides the important messages she is sending out, she uses the project to showcase all of her artistic charms.

There is plenty of irresistible moments throughout the single, not least the call-and-response verses. This is the sort of mature, informed anthem that could very easily take her career to another level.

Ostarè’s performance throughout “Show Em What You Got” is predictably fierce, and it is a serious sign that she means business with this single. It delivers a heartfelt message, and you can feel the passion in Ostarè’s voice as she imparts her wisdom upon listeners. Paired with the lively production, this is an irresistible gem. “By sharing my gifts from God, I am committed to igniting the champion within and empowering people to be their best selves!” proudly states Ostarè.

Website: www.ostare.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ostareofficial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ostareofficial
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTlWdF3X_l4reRketRJeJuw

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