Ostarè – “Deep Down”

Ostarè – “Deep Down”

Friday, 13 May 2022
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Coming off her much-lauded single, “Show Em What You Got”, indie-pop and dance artist Ostarè returns with her highly anticipated track, “Deep Down”. It’s another solid output from the French-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, one that’s distinctively Ostarè, and it serves as a further development of the sound listeners have to come to expect from the bold and provocative artist. And much like its predecessor, Ostarè’s sound is shimmering, rhythmical and sparkling, almost delicate, creating an eloquent foundation for her far-reaching lyrics. The production masterfully constructs an entrancing, methodical electro arrangement that pairs perfectly with Ostarè’s airy voice to form a dreamy, almost electro-sounding pop record that’s as sweeping as it is audibly beautiful.

Ostarè has released this song to pay homage to her inner child. After illuminating her journey from the turmoil of a difficult childhood to triumphs as a musical creator, Ostarè says, “All I want is a place to call home. Deep down is where I belong.”

She calls the inner child in every listener to feel the pain “Deep Down” and resonate with her message of finding her home. That’s always been Ostarè’s successful formula: juxtaposing themes of emotional affliction with hypnotic rhythms that build upon each other and careen hazily to a sparkling chorus.

Ostarè does it with more lusciousness this time around. “Deep Down” sounds smother and bigger than her previous releases. Though the elements remain the same – steady percussion, hypnotic keys, reverberating basslines; sparkling rhythms – they’re layered and arranged in a way that amplifies Ostarè distinct sound.

It’s a more refined and produced sound than that from her previous work. It’s a sound that’s sure to satisfy fans while undoubtedly garnering the artist even more media buzz. One thing that Ostarè has perfected is the importance of melody, and with every record, she seems to up the ante just a bit more with a melody that gets stuck in your head.

“Deep Down” takes the basic approach of Ostarè previous release and offers up a slightly cleaned-up production, and an even more confident performance, for another crucial step in her evolution. It demonstrates a more tasteful and mature approach to electronic structures and arrangements, making it extremely adept for mainstream radio.

“Deep Down” retains the captivating, homespun groove of “Show Em What You Got”, while the increased sense of melody provides a glimpse of the more open embrace of mainstream pop that would befit Ostarè so well. “Deep Down” is a startlingly easy record to get lost in. It allows for a cohesive, hypnotic experience, both musically and lyrically, lifting Ostarè’s voice to angelic levels.

It’s a sonic formula, which feels essential to the song. The production on “Deep Down” creates a far smoother, incandescent sounding Ostarè and its a sound that is even easier to appreciate than before. It feels familiar, but new at the same time.

Overall, Ostarè has created something beautiful again, with her latest single. “Deep Down” is undoubtedly excellent; it spills unabashed lessons of life through the singer-songwriter’s vivid lyrical anecdotes and the song’s swirling production. Ostarè’s real talent is to turn personal experiences into endearing musical journeys, which she caringly shares with listeners, to enlighten and inspire them wherever she can.


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