Olya K – “Waking up in Nashville”

The singer-songwriter Olya K hasn’t exactly abandoned the approach that brought her a hit with her previous dance-pop release “Hollywood”, but she’s certainly expanded into an authentic country direction for her brand new single, “Waking up in Nashville”. The track is exceptional and diverse, offering fans traditional Olya K vocals but essaying a fresh country-rock approach. Once again the singer has collaborated with the talented Nashville producer Daniel “Chip” Martin, to forge her iconic and organic sound.

In fact, Olya K used to be a part of the vibrant Nashville music scene, before moving to California to pursue a career as a recording artist, and she actually returned to Nashville specifically, to work on the new single with Daniel “Chip” Martin. In reality, “Waking up in Nashville” was inspired, and initially conceived, in downtown Nashville where Olya K once resided.

One night, during her stay in Nashville, Olya K was setting her alarm clock, when she thought of waking up to a song instead.  The idea of living two blocks closer to Broadway, where she could just open her windows, and be woken up by the music, crossed her mind and gave birth to the song, which she initially recorded as a simple acoustic version, with a guitar and a tambourine.

Now on the final recorded version Olya K and producer Daniel “Chip” Martin have managed to integrate the song and vocal performances with a fully-realized backdrop of honky-tonk styled instrumentation that propel the track into an effortless upbeat groove. “The music starts at 11, just in time for my first beer. So listen here honey, let me make this perfectly clear. With eggs and bacon, ham and cheese, wake me up with a country song please,” sings Olya K.

“Waking up in Nashville” is an unusually rich sonic tapestry in an age where arrangements are leaning less towards the organic and complex in country music. Olya K has certainly offered fans a surprise with this song, which is not only satisfying to discover for the first time, but will also hold up well and reveal new facets over repeat listening. The production doesn’t overpower the vocal, and melody is irresistible.

With “Waking up in Nashville”, Olya K has yet again delivered a song worthy of her vocal and songwriting talent, which is a viable candidate for radio airplay. This is a song that up and coming pop-country starlets could learn from, like how to create a record with quality down home lyrics and an engaging vocal performance, without any overwhelming or forced elements. Olya K keeps everything smooth and easygoing, ready to embrace a wide variety of willing ears.

Unlike many artists, Olya K doesn’t get lost in the production and puts her stamp on everything she does, with straightforward simplicity. She achieved it with, “Hollywood”, and she repeats herself on “Waking up in Nashville”. Thanks also to the work of her producer, Daniel “Chip” Martin, who allows Olya K to shine splendidly.


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