Oliver Sean – “Mama Taught Me”

Sometimes you come across a song that’s just so good, it can be hard to capture in words. “Mama Taught Me”, the new blues single by MTV EMA nominee, and multiple chart topping Independent DIY artist Oliver Sean, is that song. Within 24 hours of being released the single hit #1 in the UK, #2 in Switzerland and #15 in the US on the Official iTunes Blues Singles Charts. The song also went on to hit #1 on the Amazon Hot New Releases Charts in the United Kingdom.

“Mama Taught Me” combines Oliver Sean’s soulful, powerhouse voice with a beautifully written song that rocks. Searing, heartfelt lyrics and a melody that cuts to the bone underscores outstanding musicianship by multi-instrumentalist Oliver, and the Oliver Sean Band, featuring Darren Edwards on Bass, Chris Wright on Drums, with special appearances by world-renowned pianist, Alex Otey, as well as multiple award-winning saxophonist, Suzanne Grzanna.

Oliver Sean is no new kid on the block. His discography with W.O.A. Entertainment – the label behind him – began in 1999 with his single ‘There She Is Again’. Moving forward, Oliver Sean went from strength to strength, with multiple Billboard Top 10 Albums and Singles, over 50 iTunes No.1’s and an Official UK Top 50 Album. “Mama Taught Me”, simply cements that legacy, and proves that Oliver has maintained both his skills and ambition intact.

With a sense of urgency in Oliver Sean’s vocals, “Mama Taught Me” is a dynamic, hard-hitting and personal track. “This song was released on my mom’s birthday, not only because she is the inspiration for the song, as the title suggests, but it is about the lessons in life she gave me and how I used those very same lessons to make it this far,” explains Oliver Sean. “And even though this a very personal song for me, I think my fans will identify with it on various levels, and have already shown that, with the thousands of downloads and streams,” he concludes.

Oliver Sean’s voice delivers enough emotional power and texture to differentiate it from just a great rock-tinged blues song with a fierce guitar solo.  The track builds into an all-out anthem, one that speaks of triumph after the storm. As I listened for the umpteenth time, the emotion in Oliver’s voice, paired with the guitar, piano and rhythm section still raised the hair on the back of my neck.

Oliver Sean opens an emotional vein on “Mama Taught Me”, and with it comes the innate, exquisite voice that he has. And it isn’t just about him simply flooding emotion into the song – he holds back, and lets go when the time is ripe, which serves the song well. Above all, “Mama Taught Me” is also about superb songwriting. It’s expertly orchestrated and Oliver Sean throws himself into it. Overall, this is a song, which brings out the best of the singer-songwriter.

The joy of Oliver Sean is he is a singer-songwriter that almost every listener can connect with, and connecting with “Mama Taught Me” is probably the easiest of all. In many ways, this song is an exercise of an artist refining his signature sound. Oliver’s record label, WOA Entertainment Group, have also announced that a music video is currently in the process of production, and will certainly add more fuel to his fire. To put it plainly, Oliver Sean’s latest outing is absolutely brilliant. There’s an authenticity and edge that comes in his presence as a singer, which sets him apart from his contemporaries.


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