!nferno – “Curtain Call” ft. NRT (Prod. The Ushanka Boy)

!nferno a 21-year-old artist from Savannah, GA, and NRT a 20-year-old artist from Toronto, ON, started making music in 2016, in a collective named DiVerse. They create and work within multiple genres including alternative rock, alternative hip-hop, metal, emo rap, cloud rap, and many others. !nferno’s latest single is entitled “Curtain Call” ft. NRT (Prod. The Ushanka Boy). If there is one thing !nferno is great at, it is crafting melodies that is both memorable, catchy and begs to be sung along to. These create moments of listener participation, as well as relatability within the material. It’s clear that he writes music that feels natural to him, is fun to play and is therapeutic from start to finish.

The production of “Curtain Call” ft. NRT (Prod. The Ushanka Boy) is awash with jangling guitars, sludgy overdriven riffs and deep pulsating basslines alongside skittering percussion. The vocals drift on endless dreamlike echoes creating hypnotic mellifluous sequences. “Standin’ aside, all the time. Leave me here to die. Now hang me up, on the wall. That’s the curtain call,” recites the opening lines as the singer unpacks the narrative filled with mental afflictions and a depressive mood.

“Curtain Call” ft. NRT (Prod. The Ushanka Boy) is clearly a profound musical statement, which is there to unfold an digest for anyone who will take the time to listen closely.  “Hung on the wall. Hope I don’t fall. Matter of time till I lose it all. Just want another call. But I wont bother you at all, sings !nferno as he reaches out for a lifeline of help and hope.

With a run-time of under four minutes, the song makes its presence known and doesn’t overstay its welcome. The replay value is off the charts and, regardless of how many times you may listen to it, the you will find something new to love each time, as you lose yourself in it’s mesmerizing sonic charms. A thing that should be mentioned about !nferno and NRT, is that they cannot put together a bad song, despite their continuous genre-crossing.

This different alternative emo headspace on “Curtain Call” ft. NRT (Prod. The Ushanka Boy) has brought along yet another twist to their musical canon – a contemporary yet nostalgic production style, more compelling lyrical content, and eclectic musical ideas that distance them from the typical generic collaborative efforts of their peers and contemporaries.

“Curtain Call” ft. NRT (Prod. The Ushanka Boy) shows the evolution, adaption, and creativity that truly allows !nferno and NRT to become distinct and special from those around them. The two artists embrace this new musical chapter with a powerful combination of authenticity and immersive vibes, true to themselves. The single adopts a narrative that will fester inside your mind for a very long time.

Even for those who are not deep-dyed alternative-emo enthusiasts, there is no doubt in saying that this track is anything other than lyrically disturbing, and therefore highly engaging. There’s plenty of heart-wringing emotion to go around on “Curtain Call” ft. NRT (Prod. The Ushanka Boy), but it’s never overwrought, which is a rare thing these days. With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that this new single by !nferno featuring NRT is magnificent, and a testament to truly singular artists who are honing their craft across a wide spectrum of styles.


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