N2Kaos – “StoneFire”

N2Kaos is a multi-genre original recording duet band from Wichita Kansas. They are releasing their first single “StoneFire” on January 26 2022. The track is taken off the band’s upcoming “All Ones” album. Intimate, throbbing, and stirring, the single aims to capture a slice of rock n’ roll glory through powerfully expressive storytelling and an intense beat-driven rhythm. Guitarist, writer, and vocalist Draven Frost’s lyrical poetry is second to none throughout the song. Sometimes a single line can sum up a world of feelings. “StoneFire” purposefully strikes an energetic and polished tone, giving what it was meant to give, and attempting to be more or than the independent rock scene has been recently.

From the taught and edgy opening rhythmic motifs, “StoneFire’s” journey is a memorable and meaningful one. N2Kaos ensure that their new single is an immersive adventure, home to some crunchy laser-sharp guitar riffs, and captivating nuanced vocals.

Draven Frost zooms into the present moment and unfolds the sense of everything he’s observed and everything he’s reckoned: “The world is on fire. There’s no saving you. The heat from the earth is burning you through.”

“StoneFire” is, in totality, a commendable and genuinely surprising debut single, which connects from the get-go. It’s a project that showcases all of N2Kaos’ impressive wares. From the crisp guitars to the thumping drums, and catchy pop-flavored vocal hooks, N2Kaos drive the song with an insistent rock momentum.

Draven Frost – a magnetic frontman – sounds eager at to prove his capacity for lyrical profundity, and he does a convincing job. Substantially N2Kaos are competent and sensitive arrangers, players, writers and singers. “StoneFire” is a sincere portrait from a group that has clearly thought about the topic, a group that knows a more attractive sense of grit and emotion in their music is attainable.

Most importantly, if you close your eyes and choose to ignore the words, the melody, rhythm and progressions are just as captivating. This, after all, is a genre of music where all the thought in the world will get lost, if the music isn’t relatable and doesn’t get you feeling something in your chest.

N2Kaos know the art of musical melodrama through and through. The band knows just the right buttons to push to generate magic in the studio. On “StoneFire”, N2Kaos rely on a formula for radio-friendly pop-rock satisfaction: sauntering buildups, lucid vocals and fiery instrumentation. Another difference between them and their contemporaries is N2Kaos’ lyrics are actually very good, which results in a mature work that will no doubt turn heads.

While “StoneFire” is a stirring tale, Draven Frost conveys its harsh reality with disarming vocal poignancy.  N2Kaos weaves throughout the dazzling pop-tinged alt-rock template, swirling into one powerful and omnipresent wave of chunky guitar-driven groove, full of heart.

They’ve created something extremely engaging, charismatic, and above all, fantastically like nothing on the radio right now. “StoneFire” is a testament to N2Kaos’ songwriting prowess, their lyrical maturation and their performance dexterity. It’s a somewhat unexpected triumph for a debut release!



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