MVJOR ARCVNA – ‘Wolf’s Child’

MVJOR ARCVNA is unlike any other band you have listened to, with a satisfying blend of solid beats, innovative electronic sounds that create an airy-atmospheric feel to all of their songs and a base of organic instrumentation that blends into a typical folktronica sound. Bouncy, dark, mysterious, spacey, danceable at times, perfect to relax at other times, this project is a beast of many colors and all of them are shining bright. Jaron Pearlman aka MVJOR ARCVNA, is an audio engineer, backing musician, and songwriter based in Atlanta GA. Over the years he has toured and recorded with a wide range of artists, including The Indigo Girls, The Shadowboxers, Amor Kismet, Mercury Jackson and more.

A multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, guitar, bass, keys, and banjo, MVJOR ARCVNA has already released the double album “TOWER” this year, and will drop the follow-up “HERMIT” during November.  The album’s lead single ‘Wolf’s Child’, which features Amy Ray of The Indigo Girls, has now been put out as a preview.

In a time where electronic music is bigger than ever and with producers landing smash hit after smash hit, while in fact reproducing the same, slightly tweaked couple of songs over and over again, it’s easy get turned off by the whole genre. Although there is also a lot of well-made electronic music out there, it’s really nice to see, how much an artist like MVJOR ARCVNA obviously cares about every single note and every single detail.

‘Wolf’s Child’ is a very rich sounding track; Pearlman uses a great variety of instruments, samples and glitches to create a really diverse and detailed soundscape. Notwithstanding the luscious instrumentation, MVJOR ARCVNA still manages to create a very coherent track, which rarely feels stuffed with too many things, but instead is very focused on creating a mystifying mood.

With any intention aside, this track showcases Pearlman’s prowess as both a musician and a technician. He layers sounds, vocals and live instrumentation to create an atmosphere of consistently hazy textures, straying to an almost stoner electronic jam.

The beautiful thing about this track is that it’s the perfect realization of an artist’s unconventional vision. MVJOR ARCVNA set out on a daunting mission to do something only a handful of artists have done properly before, and he triumphed.

He’s created a recording that is a perfect atmosphere for any setting. This track is just as likely to elicit an emphatic response in a packed amphitheater, or club, as it is at a casual Sunday BBQ. And that takes some doing for modern music formulas.

But his special mix of electronica and organic is all-embracing, and as retro as it is futuristic. Add Amy Ray’s breathy, airy vocals to the mix, and you have an intoxicating combination of sound.

‘Wolf’s Child’ showcases MVJOR ARCVNA empathetic grasp of today’s music’s spectrum as a whole. Hence his music is able to speak to its listener on a level that is both deep and personal. Not something you’d usually expect from electronic based music!


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