Mighty Mage is a project spearheaded by Khalid “Mage” Hussain. A blend of Country, Rock, Pop, and Folk creates a swirl of Americana music. Mage has been recording music since 2006 beginning with his three song release “A Few Songs”. In 2008 he released a full length album titled “Amnesty”. In 2014 Mage released two four song EP’s “The Road” and “Don’t Cry”. The latest The Mighty Mage recording, is the 5-song EP, “Art is Magic”, released on March 1st 2018 and recorded at The Lost Ark Studio with producer Mike Butler, as well as several skilled musicians and vocalists.

Mighty Mage’s sound could be commonly classified as folk-rock, though he outshines the often perceived simplicity of the genre and some of its boundaries.   Having a unique style and musicianship he is able to captivate audiences with heartfelt lyrics, beautiful vocal delivery, and confident instrumentation.

While “Art is Magic” may not have the immediate pull of loud rock n’ roll or thumping EDM, the quiet storm of its slow burn has staying power. It is almost as if the earnestness of his compositions and performance need to soak through your skin and into your soul

The first song, “Home” does not veer too far off the genre’s familiar and satisfying song formula, as the subject matter digs into the theme of self-reflection. The upbeat and compelling percussion, together with the gentle but steady guitar-charged drive, channels itself into a melodic groove of a listen.

Khalid “Mage” Hussain’s lush vocals elicits yearning and desperation on “Dusty Road”, which also features the beautiful harmonies by backing singers Heather Nation and Sam Bybee who add a bittersweet lullaby atmosphere to the song.

Arguably, the hidden standout is “Sky Love”.  It has the feel of an upbeat country polka, with a gradual and steady climb to its musical climax. Dance or listen, is not an excluding choice here, as you can comfortably do both with the solid production providing a tight thumping rhythm and a crystal clear sonic soundscape so you can hear everything going on.

However, “Life Long” may be the pinnacle of the EP – depending on your affinity with slower songs. The lyrics evoke a sweet melancholy vibe with the memorable, subtle guitar playing, being a highlight too.

“Rig” is the last song of the album. It picks up the pace from bar one and holds it there throughout its run-time, as the percussion and vocals grow louder in the chorus. With this EP Mighty Mage stay true to what fans love about the folk-rock and country genres, while expanding his sound and inventiveness.

Khalid “Mage” Hussain has the wonderful ability to make the simplest of lyrics resonate deeply, due to his rich tenor, the project’s dazzling vocal harmonies and the thoughtful deliveries.

When you factor in the straightforward instrumental prowess, you begin to understand why Mighty Mage’s following is set to grow rather quickly. “Art is Magic” is wholesome and sincere, in the way those words were intended, and without any pretense or airs and graces.


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