Michael’s Statement – “Big Bang” from the album “Isolation”

Michael Vuckovac the man behind Michael’s Statement is getting ready to release the project’s third album, “Isolation” on 08.04.2022. Born and raised in Pforzheim in the mid-70s, he has been immersed in the Progressive Rock scene since the age of 5. In the late 90s he began his own band Night Patrol and another incarnation Audrey’s Dance. The search for excellence has been at the center of Michael’s songwriting, performing and recording universe, and he executes that prerogative on “Isolation” – a recording that is a reflection of his life journey over the last four years. If you are looking for music that builds and swells majestically, and leaves you with spine-tingling moments you will find here, undoubtedly.

Certain recordings continue to develop upon each subsequent listen; and on each listen you seem to come one step closer to breaking and understanding its core. Michael’s Statement does this so much better than you thought possible.

On his new single “Big Bang”, taken from the upcoming album, “Isolation”, the project expands on the idea that a recording can continue to breathe, grow, and take form, in all of its epicness and vitality. So much emotion and storytelling is conjured up through the use of instruments alone.

Michael’s Statement can be defined as an artist who expertly crafts lush expanses of progressive music that are both conceptual and visceral, he is also characterized by his perfection. Moreover, he has a way of writing songs that sound like every note is followed by its perfect counterpart. The nearly 14 minutes of “Big Bang” exists with its own concept and comes with plenty of never-ending sonic surprises and musical treats.

From the emotional cellos, to the fiery guitars, and the swirling pianos, to the crashing drums, Michael’s Statement proves exactly how he always knows where to go next in his complex arrangements.

Perhaps it may come as a surprise that such a dynamic instrumental epic, can be produced expertly, by an artist, who may be lesser known than some of your icons. But it speaks to Michael’s Statement prowess for managing sonic and emotional impact within various expansive passages of instrumental music. No easy task indeed.

Throw in every proclamation about what makes cinematic and progressive, instrumental music great, and Michael’s Statement has done it all in “Big Bang”. It’s clear throughout the record that he is pushing himself and his capabilities.

The carefully placed melodic lines are a special achievement being both emotive and hooky, within enormous walls of sound. There’s not a note to be changed on this single, no moment that doesn’t feel relevant, or passage of time that fails to transport the mind. The best part is that with each subsequent listen it only gets better.

“Big Bang” is filled with the peaks and valleys progressive rock fans adore, culminating in a piano breakdown that sets the stage for more gargantuan passages. The production, atmosphere, orchestral interludes, and all-round magnitude of the record pushes it beyond traditional progressive rock sounds into epic cinematic territory. The blending of these two genres ignites a potency in Michael’s Statement that transcends either of the aforementioned genres.

Power and majestic beauty combine in a transcendent climactic ambient rock-like canvas. An absolute catharsis of a record, “Big Bang” sounds magnificent at every turn, making Michael’s Statement’s music, literally breathtaking.


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